Image: Louis Vuitton

1. LVMH Has Powered Through the Pandemic, and China’s crackdown on excessive wealth may not change that: “Most of the luxury brands will tell you that high-net-worth individuals in China probably account for a maximum of 10 to 15% of their sales.” – Read More on Barron’s

2. China forcing fashion industry to silence concerns over ‘dirty’ cotton: The escalating conflict shows how difficult it can be for brands to satisfy demands from western consumers and human-rights groups for greater sustainability without risking open war with China, which has become more willing to wield its clout to defend its policies. – Read More on Japan Times

3. Pandemic spurs sales of luxury goods, counterfeits: There are many reasons why Koreans love luxury goods, but the biggest is scarcity. In the case of Chanel, the French high-end fashion house already raised the price tags of its luxury items three times this year ― in February, July and September ― and it is preparing for another increase in November. – Read More on Korea Times

4. Mushroom Leather Is About to Bloom for Fashion: Following a $60 million Series D funding round in March, Ecovative Design, a pioneer in mycelium material science, is planning to bring its mushroom biofabrication technology directly to fashion, footwear and accessories. – Read More on Yahoo

5. RELATED READ: As Leather Alternatives Find Fans in Fashion, Companies are Clamoring for Protection. In a nod to the mushroom-based material, MycoWorks is seeking to register the word “REISHI” for use in connection with leather goods, clothing and footwear, and upholstery, among other things. Its application is currently pending before the European Union Intellectual Property Office. – Read More on TFL

6. Retail Sales Rise, Showing Strong Consumer Demand, Higher Inflation: Sales at retail stores, restaurants and online sellers rose a seasonally adjusted 0.7% in September from the previous month, the Commerce Department said Friday. The rise in sales reflects persistently strong demand and higher consumer prices. – Read More on the WSJ