Image: Saks

1. The E-commerce shopping spree: Saks, which was taken private early last year, split off its e-commerce division in March. The value of was $2 billion. An IPO could value the standalone e-commerce company at $6 billion. – Read More on Axios

2. RELATED READ: What is Behind Hudson’s Bay Co.’s Plan to Split Saks Fifth Avenue and Should Hudson’s Bay let go of a minority stake of, “The market might take a view on a digital asset like a and say, ‘Hey, that is really valuable,’ and price the stock accordingly,” he says. “Then that stock price is essentially absorbed by Hudson’s Bay” by way of the stock that it is still holding. – Read More on TFL

3. Pandemic Has Stoked Appetite for French Luxury, Survey Finds: “People were traveling less, and local spending became predominant. Purchasing luxury products is reassuring; the Americans in particularly are very sensitive to revenge buying.” – Read More on Yahoo

4. The adapting landscape of luxury retail: “One of the key objectives in luxury when you’re at a store is actually to make you forget about price. The world’s also looking for wonderment, and that’s a key opportunity for luxury, too.” – Read More on NRF

5. A used Hermès handbag under the tree? Why shopping resale might offer a way around holiday supply chain woes: A report compiled by retail analytics firm GlobalData and online market research company Zogby Analytics for marketplace Mercari, projected that Americans will spend $69 billion on previously owned items from October through December 2021, up 24% from last year. – Read More on Biz Journals