Image: Juicy

1. “When people see second-hand clothes, they think poverty.” China has millions of tons of discarded clothing no one wants. China’s love for fast fashion sees 26 million tons of clothes and footwear thrown away every year, less than one per cent of which is reused or recycled. – Read More on SCMP

2. What Kind of Retail Job Is Growing? Online Associate, Consultant. What’s happening at Neiman Marcus and other chains is part of a wider acknowledgment that the Covid-triggered boom in online shopping has made the need to stand out even greater. And one way to get there is by offering an experience that gives clients the undivided attention of a sales associate and captures some of the emotional warmth found in person. – Read More on Bloomberg

3. COVID-19 Killed Maximalism: This era of “more is more” is coming to an end, and the pandemic is to blame. Enter minimalism, which is making a comeback, but with a twist. Consumers’ aesthetic sensibilities shifted almost as soon as lockdowns began. – Read More on Fast Co.

4. Boohoo loses fifth of value after confirming auditor will leave: The company has since published an independent review by Alison Levitt, QC, which found it did not profit from the “widespread” underpayment of workers but knew about it and did not act quickly enough. – Read More on the FT

5. RELATED READ: Labor Abuse Reports Cut Boohoo’s Share Price in Half, Why Hasn’t H&M Suffered the Same Fate? Dull as it may sound, H&M’s embrace of HRDD enabled the company to address the incident quickly and lent it credibility at a difficult moment. By comparison, Boohoo’s approach to human rights has long been criticised by NGOs, and the retailer was slammed by investors as having an inadequate response to the exploitation claims. – Read More on TFL

6. The rise and fall of Juicy Couture. The silhouette of what would become Juicy’s signature tracksuit was created with the same purpose as the original Juicy V-neck: to be as flattering as possible. The zip-up hoodie was designed with front pockets to hide any stomach pooch and cut with an hourglass shape to nip in your waist. It also had custom hardware: a J-pull zipper that branded every tracksuit as uniquely Juicy Couture. – Read More on Business Insider