Image: Gap

1. What matters to fashion shoppers across the globe? Discounts were the top driver for both British (23%) and Italian (33%) online shoppers. online reviews are particularly important in the US (the biggest motivator for 13% of respondents), while in Germany, 29% of respondents said that being able to browse a variety of products was their top motivator. – Read More on the Drum

2. China Should Brace for Higher Luxury Goods Taxes, CICC Says: China’s plan to reform its consumption tax system will likely entail a hike in rates on luxury goods and products that use high energy or generate significant pollution, according to analysts at China International Capital Corp. – Read More on Bloomberg

3. Household Brands Count the Rising Cost of Trains, Planes and Automobiles: Demand for consumer products has been unusually strong since countries began to reopen their economies. This has put pressure on global transport routes and increased the cost of logistics. – Read More on the WSJ

4. It’s not Kanye, it’s Ye, after judge approves name change: West has used Ye as his Twitter handle for years and had petitioned a court to make it his full name with no middle name or last name. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michelle Williams Court approved his request on Monday. – Read More on Reuters

5. A fashion turnaround and a logo no-go: hits and misses of rebranding. Facebook is planning to rebrand with a new corporate name to reflect its shift to building the metaverse, it has been reported. The announcement could be made during Facebook’s Connect conference this month. – Read More on the Guardian

6. RETRO READ: As Brands Continue to Tweak Their Logos, the Gap’s Failed Rebrand is an Important Lesson. Although rebranding can provide a boost to a company’s image as a whole, particularly as it evolves in its tangible offerings and/or its larger mission or position in the market, such an exercise is not without potential risks – both in terms of legal rights/protections at play but also in terms of consumer reception. – Read More on TFL