1. Can’t afford Gucci? Eat at its restaurant instead: Global luxury brands from Gucci to Louis Vuitton are targeting young, trend-savvy consumers by entering the restaurant business, which offers consumers a lower barrier to entry than buying a handbag. – Read More on SCMP

2. Metaverse Executives Debate Virtual Worlds for an Audience Beyond Gamers: “It’s like the early internet,” Mr. Narula said. “To dismiss the metaverse is the same as saying like sports, fashion, culture, all of that stuff is a waste of time.” – Read More on the WSJ

3. Retailers Tesco and Lidl fight over logo’s trademark in UK court: Britain’s biggest retailer Tesco tried to revive part of its lawsuit against discount supermarket Lidl on Tuesday, telling a London court that its German-owned rival had applied for trademarks for a yellow circle against a blue background in “bad faith.” – Read More on Reuters

4. How Fashion Brands Can Protect Their IP in the Recommerce Market: Digital passports may help to combat counterfeits in the resale market, which in turn may help to prevent brand dilution and increase consumer trust. – Read More on Bloomberg

5. E-commerce retailers are bullish on brick and mortar: Seeing consumers getting dressed for work once again last year, companies are attention to formulating new brick-and-mortar strategies. – Read More on Crain’s