Image: American Apparel

1. Hermes, Not Gucci, Is the Chic Choice Right Now: One takeaway from the third-quarter earnings we’ve seen so far is that consumers are still spending — and they’re reaching for big, well-known brands for everything from food to face cream. With fewer occasions to dress up, as well as an increasing awareness of fashion’s environmental costs, shoppers may decide to buy less, but buy better. This favors luxury houses steeped in heritage, such as Hermes. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. American Express Sees Higher Consumer Retail Spending: “We really look at the fact that non [travel and entertainment] spending is up year over year as illustrative of the way consumers and small businesses have just learned to adapt to the new world.” – Read More on the WSJ

3. American Apparel “used fake comments to fuel founder’s bad boy image.” A former employee reveals she would leave approved fake – company-approved – comments under salacious articles about Dov Charney on celebrity media blogs such as Gawker and Jezebel, in order to manufacture his reputation as predatory. “It was about attention. It was also because we were advertising on these blogs and we wanted people to click on our ads.” – Read More on the Guardian

4. RETRO READ: American Apparel – The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of an All-American Business. For much of the brand’s life, its racy ad campaigns received the vast majority of press coverage – at least until recently, but arguably even more noteworthy is the rise and subsequent fall of this affordable fashion empire, complete with the ouster of its founder and chief executive officer Dov Charney, a handful of ugly sexual harassment lawsuits, two Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings, and its subsequent delisting from the New York Stock Exchange. – Read More on TFL

5. Fast-Fashion Heiress Asks Shoppers to Buy Less in Green Push: Sustainable fashion is a sliver of the $1.8 trillion global apparel industry, which has ballooned over the past decade amid a boom in low-cost, quick-to-market clothing championed by the likes of Zara. – Read More on Bloomberg

6. Beauty boom: L’Oreal sales rebound after lockdowns ease. The biggest improvement came not at L’Oreal’s best known make-up brands like Maybelline, but from its active cosmetics division with labels like Vichy, La Roche Posay and CeraVe, which it bought in 2017. – Read More on CNBC