Image: Walmart

1. Luxury brands look to ride the storm of China’s policy shifts: Two schools of thought have emerged. One suspects that China’s “common prosperity” push is an effort to address important social and economic concerns, another says that it is about rolling back market-based reform. – Read More on the FT

2. Walmart is Gaining on Amazon in E-Commerce: Amazon’s e-commerce revenues are much greater than Walmart’s but the latter is growing much faster online than Amazon in e-commerce, more than five times faster. – Read More on Forbes

3. RELATED READ: The Evolution of Walmart & its Quest to Become an E-Commerce (and Fashion) Destination. In addition to trying to keep up with Amazon on the digital front, Walmart is seemingly trying to make a name of its own in the online retail space, where new generations of consumers are already accustomed to looking for everything from food to footwear. – Read More on TFL

4. Amazon Pushing More Aggressively to Develop Omnichannel Capabilities: As Amazon approaches the day it overtakes Walmart as the top retailer in the U.S. — which will likely come within the next year — the company has been bolstering its omnichannel capabilities to expand its reach. – Read More on PYMNTS

5. China targets online retail sales of $2.66 trillion by 2025: China’s commerce ministry said on Tuesday that it aims to see online retail sales in the country rise to 17 trillion yuan ($2.66 trillion) by 2025, from 11.8 trillion yuan in 2020, in a statement outlining its 14th five-year plan for the e-commerce industry. – Read More on Reuters

6. U.S. Retail Lobby Sends S.O.S. to Congress on Supply-Chain Chaos: The U.S.’s biggest retail lobby asked Congress to pass a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package as well as update shipping and trucking laws to ease a supply-chain crisis that’s raising prices and causing shortages. – Read More on Bloomberg