1. Transforming the EU retail and wholesale sector: The sector needs to play its part in decarbonizing the economy to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement. It contributes about 40% of overall EU greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions. – Read More on McKinsey

2. Shein’s Latest Scandal Won’t Deter Fast Fashion Giant’s Success: Shein is, quite simply, an anomaly. The Chinese fast fashion company has managed to gain international visibility (and profitability to match) and eclipse all global rivals including Primark and Amazon in just a few years. – Read More on Jing

3. The Consumer Economy Is Starting to Crack Under Inflation: Unilever has seen consumers trade down to private labels, buy more from discounters and cut back altogether in more discretionary categories. – Read More on the Washington Post

4. Japan’s cross-border e-commerce booms on cheaper yen: Advances in IT have also lowered hurdles for smaller companies to enter the cross-border business. Previously, if they wanted to sell overseas, they had to deal with the complexities of translating product descriptions, communicating with customers, and filing delivery and customs documentation. – Read More on Nikkei Asia

5. Shopify shares pop 18% on smaller-than-expected loss: Gross merchandise volume, or the total value of merchandise sold on the platform, rose 11% to $46.2 billion in the third quarter. – Read More on CNBC