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1. Amazon Reviews Alleging Counterfeit Products Can Get Sellers Kicked Off Platform: How Amazon treats third-party sellers is at the heart of a recent House Judiciary Committee report concluding that big technology companies often abuse their power over smaller partners. The committee’s recommendations include providing adequate recourse to sellers and eliminating forced arbitration clauses from contracts that deprives them from filing a lawsuit. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. On Alibaba’s Singles Day, Chinese consumers look to spend more, shift away from American brands: “It’s a genuine advancement on the part of Chinese manufacturers. They’re getting more sophisticated in their marketing of luxury products.” – Read More on CNBC

3. The Startups Building a Future of Zero Fashion Waste: Most brands typically overproduce by 30-40 percent, and of the more than 100 billion new garments produced every year, 20 percent are never sold at all. One way to address the problem of overproduction is to flip the production model on its head. – Read More on Forbes

4. ‘Every day is casual’: How Kohl’s is betting on the wellness movement to become permanent. Expect to see fewer handbags in Kohl’s stores in the future — and more laundry detergent and yoga pants. It’s part of the new strategic framework Kohl’s announced last week, in which the department store chain said its focus going forward is to be the leading retailer for shoppers looking for products to support an active and casual lifestyle. – Read More on Modern Retail

5. Lenders Cracking Down on Mall Owners Behind on the Mortgage: Some lenders are now worried about fast-falling retail property valuations, which around the country are plunging by as much as 75 percent. Lenders say they are compelled to conduct foreclosure sales to recoup what is owed them. – Read More on the WSJ