1. How the Pandemic Changed E-Commerce—and Where It Goes Now: “Coming out the other side of it, it’s not as much of a slowdown in e-commerce as much as a reorientation or a distribution across all of the channels.” – Read More on the WSJ

3. European retailers are on investors’ naughty lists this Christmas: Investors and strategists expect retailers’ margins to be squeezed well into next year as cost pressures are further exacerbated by weakening currencies and collapsing consumer demand. – Read More on Reuters

3. Amazon warns of weak holiday sales as e-commerce, cloud service growth slows: Online store sales grew 7%, an improvement from the first half of the year when Amazon’s online sales fell. However, e-commerce sales will be softer in Q4 as consumers spend more on so-called “revenge travel.” – Read More on S&P Global

4. Adidas’ Initial Silence on Kanye West Is a Cautionary Tale for Other Brands: What role do large companies play in countering hate? How responsible are companies for the hate their brand ambassadors, partners, employees, or—in the case of social media companies—even their users espouse? – Read More on Time

5. Two Insiders Debate the Metaverse: “People don’t want immersion most of the time. That’s why most of us spend most of our time in the least immersive devices possible—our phones instead of sitting in front of big TVs.” – Read More on the WSJ