Image: Amazon

1. A flood of unknown products is making online shopping impossible:  On Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Google and Walmart, between the reputable products and the counterfeits is a sea of mysterious companies selling goods of unknown origin and quality. – Read More on Washington Post

2. RELATED READ: In an Already-Crowded Trademark Landscape, Amazon Sellers Are Changing Game. These brands are actively “challenging what it means to be a brand.” The branding of these “commodity goods, or types of products where shoppers don’t have much brand loyalty in the first place” is not necessarily important, certainly not in the way a cult skincare brand’s name is or the way a goodwill-soaked luxury logo is. – Read More on TFL

3. French Connection agrees $40 mln sale; chairman to retire: French Connection, the provocative UK fashion brand known for its “FCUK” branding, said on Monday it has agreed to sell itself for 29 million pounds ($39.3 million) after years of losses only made worse during the coronavirus pandemic. – Read More on Reuters

4. How to Build a Transparent Relationship with Your Suppliers:  To minimize and mitigate supply chain risks, companies need to engage their suppliers as partners. This means creating transparent relationships in which suppliers can share negative information without fear of being punished. – Read More on HBR

5. What Does Today’s E-Commerce Customer Really Care About? Build a line of communication and keep it open. You’re creating an additional channel to remarket to and engage with customers. Maybe you’ll inspire more loyalty with a specific person. Either way, you’re running an operation that you would like to shop at. – Read More on Forbes