Image: Dior

1. Christian Dior chairman and CEO Pietro Beccari: Online sales have accelerated due to COVID and there is a new normal, but brick-and-mortar stores will definitely play a major role in luxury the future. For luxury brands like Dior, online sales will not surpass 20, 25 percent even in 5 or 6 years. – See More on Bloomberg

2. Private Equity Firms Bet on Booming Demand for Online Shopping: Private equity firms are betting that the rise in online shopping is here to stay, with some of the world’s biggest investment funds eyeing deals for everything from warehouses to delivery companies. – Read More on Bloomberg

3. How Matthew M. Williams Is Refreshing Givenchy: Streetwear will continue to dominate fashion, he adds. “The ‘casualization movement’ is here to stay and will keep on pollinating the world of luxury in its ivory tower.” – Read More on the WSJ

4. A New Look For The Fashion Industry? There’s more to diversifying fashion than the runway. “Who gets into who’s an atelier, who’s in charge of the design aesthetic, who’s in charge of the creative inspiration, who’s in charge of the money and the financing, who sits on the boards of directors, who’s writing the stories, who’s taking the photographs, who’s making the decisions about who goes on the cover of a magazine.”Read More on NPR

5. How Many Lives Can a Fashion Brand Have? “Sonia Rykiel is a brand with a strong heritage, but a difficult one to bring back to center stage,” said Luca Solca, a luxury analyst at Bernstein. “It is possible that you hit great ideas and that you manage to get back to notoriety and desirability — but doing that in an industry dominated by mega-brands with way more resources for marketing and communication is very difficult.” – Read More on the New York Times

6. RELATED READ: What Are You Buying When You Acquire a Bankrupt Fashion Brand? for the average fashion-focused consumer, Sonia Rykiel’s backstory and its goodwill is hardly as readily-recognizable and not nearly as striking as that of more storied or more relevant names in the crowded fashion industry, whether that be established luxury brands or buzzy streetwear and direct-to-consumer startups. And as a handful of recent examples of revamp attempts reveal, bringing a brand back from the dead is no easy feat. – Read More on TFL

7. Crocs share price soars on Justin Bieber’s Instagram post that suggests a collaboration with shoe brand: Bieber’s Instagram post of a pair of Crocs in a swimming pool, and a hint he will have a collaboration with the brand, drew a million likes within a few hours Crocs shares rose 13 per cent in value within hours, the largest increase in the past 13 years. – Read More on SCMP