1. Eastern European consumers are weathering a once-in-a-generation cost-of-living crisis better than some of their peers in the west, according to Poland’s LPP SA, one of the region’s biggest fashion retailers. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Euro zone retail sales fall as expected in August: The fall in retail sales, seen as a proxy for consumer demand, underlines economists’ expectations that the euro zone is likely to go into a recession in the coming quarters, hit by the energy price shock created by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. – Read More on Reuters

3. New ETFs Offer Investors a Chance to Bet on the Metaverse: “What’s driving interest among individual investors is the fact that people are now engaging in the metaverse through gaming and in other areas of their lives. They are experiencing it firsthand and are imagining a connected metaverse with exponential growth opportunities.” – Read More on the WSJ

4. US corporate bankruptcy filings tick down in September: There were 31 bankruptcy filings in September, down from 37 in August. As of Sept. 30, 279 companies had filed for bankruptcy in 2022, fewer than any other comparable period going back to at least 2010. – Read More on S&P Global

5. Web3 had a small, yet important, presence at Paris Fashion Week: Balmain, for example, introduced “Balmain Thread,” which is the brand’s Web3 hub powered by the XRP Ledger that is designed to unite their community with NFT projects. – Read More on CoinTelegraph