Image: Stella McCartney

1. Stella McCartney launches A-Z sustainability manifesto: “I barely even know what the word sustainable means anymore,” with confusion and greenwashing rife in the industry. – Read More on the Guardian

2. RETRO READ: The Problem with “Sustainability”? It Doesn’t Really Mean Anything . Put simply, “sustainability,” along with other terms – such as “green,” “eco-friendly,” “ethical,” “responsibly-made,” and in many cases, even “upcycled” – lack concrete, uniform definitions with foundations in law that brands and consumers can observe. – Read More on TFL

3. Travis Scott Has Become Corporate America’s Go-To Pitchman: The rapper has partnered with an unusually diverse array of brands to churn out everything from food to apparel to toys and more. His team views the deals as a way to stay active between album cycles. But each needs to deliver creative flair so that he doesn’t become over-saturated with licenses or known for boring partnerships. – Read More on Bloomberg

4. World’s garment workers face ruin as fashion brands refuse to pay $16 billion: Powerful U.S. and European fashion companies have refused to pay overseas suppliers for more than $16bn of goods since the outbreak of Covid-19, which exposes the huge power imbalance at the heart of the fashion industry, which demands that suppliers often bear all the upfront production costs while buyers pay nothing until weeks or months after factories ship the goods. – Read More on the Guardian

5. Cleaning up fast fashion starts in the classroom: “Designers determine the life cycle of a garment, and they can see what the life of a garment will be at the end of its design and after the consumer is done with it.” Training students to design a garment so it can be easily recycled or upcycled helps ensure that tomorrow’s apparel companies are contributing to a circular economy. – Read More on Corporate Knights

6. Legal experts say modest antitrust reforms likely after House report on tech: While a highly anticipated U.S. House antitrust report called for a range of antitrust reforms, including structural separations of major U.S. tech firms, experts expect only modest refinements to current antitrust regulation from the report rather than comprehensive change. – Read More on S&P Global

7. Will This Bubble Go K-Pop? The IPO of Big Hit Entertainment, the music label that represents boy band BTS, was oversubscribed by about 600 times. Shares will start trading next week. K-Pop is a huge phenomenon (in fashion, included) and many fans of the band, who call themselves ARMY, put up money for sentimental rather than financial reasons. – Read More on WSJ