1. Ulta Beauty and Other Retail Stocks That Might Weather Inventory Woes: Many retailers over-ordered products to avoid the out-of-stock headaches that plagued shoppers during the pandemic. Yet spiking inflation led consumers to quickly readjust, particularly to the detriment of categories that had proven popular in recent years. – Read More on Barron’s

2. I’ve Never Been an Impulse Buyer—Until Now: Sometimes, rather than cutting back on big purchases during periods of high inflation, we actually end up spending more. – Read More on the WSJ

3. Macy’s predicts another early start to holiday season shopping: Pandemic-induced disruptions to supply chains prompted consumers to start their holiday shopping as early as Oct. in the last two years on fears that in-demand products would disappear from shelves by the traditional period around Thanksgiving in late Nov. – Read More on Reuters

4. Walmart, Costco Winning, Shopping Centers Losing as Retail Foot Traffic Trends Signal Austere Holiday Quarter: US apparel store visits lag pre-COVID days by 10%, or about 10 million fewer visits per week. – Read More on Forbes

5. Not everyone is raising prices: Sales forecasts strong as Apple skips US price hikes for new iPhone lineup. Analysts were widely expecting a price hike of at least $100 due to the inflationary climate and ongoing component shortages that are still impacting device manufacturers around the world. – Read More on S&P Global