1. Why fast fashion is the next Big Tobacco: While faced with incriminating data points that prove every stage of its lifecycle causes devastation to our planet, fast fashion has few regulations, thus enabling behemoths like Shein to become so popular it has more U.S. app downloads than Amazon. – Read More on Fast Co. 

2. Luxury Brands Spend More on Marketing, Defying Economic Uncertainty: A number of brands attracted by the luxury sector’s profit margins have also begun attempting to move into the category, leading some more established luxury names to try to move even higher up the ladder. – Read More on WSJ

3. In new era, Ray-Ban owner extends partnership with Armani: The partnership dates back to 1988 when the parties teamed up to bring Armani-branded glasses to a global market. The move is widely seen as driving a revolution that helped to turn glasses into a fashion accessory. – Read More on Reuters

4. How the apparel industry can ADAPT to inflation: The ADAPT model offers a five-component approach to reset margin structures with bold, deliberate actions that could yield competitive advantages in a persistently inflationary environment. – Read More on McKinsey

5. What would it look like to truly transform the fashion industry from the ground up?  “The entire clothing system is based on cutting down labor [costs to] as little as possible. We’re going up against so much.” – Read More on Yahoo