Image: Brilliant Earth

1. Fashion faces a stark choice: Stop flogging cheap clothes or go out of style. There is a powerful business case for fashion to find its conscience: consumers increasingly demand it. Responsible production has become the hallmark of a respectable brand.  – Read More on the Guardian

2. Curelty-free alternatives to fur and animal skin enjoy more support from shoppers: Plant-based and cruelty-free – qualities consumers look for not just in their diets but the fashion and accessories they buy, and boutiques are catering to their needs. Meanwhile, the fur industry is fighting back. – Read More on SCMP

3. Brilliant Earth Says Millennials, Gen Z Key to Future Growth: Millennial and Gen Z consumers collectively represent 87% of the brand’s active customers, Brilliant Earth said in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, based on the company’s digital presence and emphasis on sustainability, both of which are resonant factors for younger shoppers. – Read More on PYMNTS

4. UK fashion group ASOS ties exec pay to new environmental goals: Joining a growing list of fast-fashion companies to open up its supply chain for external scrutiny, ASOS set out targets for improving recycling rates, cutting energy usage and increasing the diversity of its corporate leaders. – Read More on Reuters

5. How Old-Style Buy Now, Pay Later Became Trendy ‘BNPL.’ Millennials and Gen Z have a cool new way to buy stuff that would look pretty familiar to their great-great-grandparents. “Buy now, pay later” is a type of consumer credit that really got going back in the 19th century. – Read More on Bloomberg