1. Clothing retailers set for discount battle to clear inventory glut: US apparel retailers are preparing steep markdowns to clear shelves ahead of the holiday season, as inflation pushes consumers to pull back on discretionary spending and wait for deals. “I hesitate to call it a bloodbath, but it’s going to be ugly,” said Urban Outfitters CEO. – Read More on the FT

2. Kanye West Isn’t Alone as Big Stars Seek More Say in the Brands They Back: “We’re seeing that a lot of celebrities are like, ‘Yeah, I don’t need you because I have a big enough brand that I can do it on my own.’ And they do.” – Read More on the WSJ

3. Ralph Lauren Sees Faster Growth on Pricing, New Customers: The New York-based apparel company is targeting revenue growth in the mid-to-high single digits in each of the next three fiscal years, including the current one. – Read More on Bloomberg

4. Traceability Can Enable Circularity in the Fashion Industry: Traceability can help supply chains locate inefficiencies, sort production or post-consumer waste and mitigate financial and reputational risks. It also ensures credibility and compliance. – Read More on Forbes

5. What the ‘Amazon of South Korea’ is doing in Seattle: Coupang built its own “last-mile” delivery service to cover the final leg to a customer’s doorstep that is often handled by mail carriers, making it easier for customers because “the same truck bringing me my shoes is also bringing me my lettuce, carrots and milk.” – Read More on Seattle Times