Image: Louis Vuitton

1. What Will It Really Take To Fix Fashion?  “The show we did in the desert for the Louis Vuitton cruise collection in 2016, with 350 people flying in for 48 hours? I personally think this is the end of these events,” declares Antoine Arnault, 43-year-old CEO of Berluti and chairman of Loro Piana. “Having this sort of repetitiveness, almost cult, of bigger, more people, crazier, is unhealthy for people and the planet.” – Read More on Vogue

2. TikTok and Instagram Face Off for Luxury Influencers: Luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Balenciaga are embracing TikTok, the world’s most-downloaded non-gaming app, where teen influencers capture followers by the millions with flashy dance routines and challenges. So, now Facebook Inc.-owned Instagram is betting its new Reels feature can help it stay relevant to sellers of the hottest handbags, shoes and watches. – Read More on Yahoo

3. Coronavirus and luxury retail: Shopping for used Hermes, Cartier in Covid era. An influx of the “supply of [pre-owned luxury] goods is likely because of Covid, above and beyond pre-Covid, as people no longer believe they have to hold possessions for an entire lifetime. … In Covid, people are broke so looking at their closet and thinking, ‘cash is hanging there.’”Read More on CNBC

4. As Catwalks Move Online, Luxury Brands Try to Keep a Human Touch:“With fashion, there’s a limit to how much can be replaced digitally. It’s a little easier for brands that we’re already familiar with, but for new brands, it’s important to see the collection in person, to touch and feel the clothes and build a relationship with the designer and their team.” – Read More on Bloomberg

5. How to survive the Covid-19 retail apocalypse: Millennial and Gen Z consumers are nothing but cost conscious – numerous studies show they are very cost conscious and almost always look for coupons and compare online. But they also value durability. Younger consumers prefer to pay a bit more for a product that lasts longer (better quality clothing rather than fast fashion, for example). – Read More on FT

6. How Covid Has Impacted Women’s Fashion Budgets This Fall: “I’m still shopping but not with the same frequency. Usually I would buy a new bag, but I haven’t. No new shoes. I’ve purchased more jewelry lately because if you’re doing Zoom calls, people can see your earrings, your hands, your necklaces.” – Read More on the WSJ