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1. Top-Performing Global Luxury Stock Seen Cooling After 680% Gain: Shares of Australian luxury e-commerce firm Cettire – which buys wholesale high-end goods like hand bags and heels from Europe and resells them at a big discount to shoppers in the U.S., Australia and elsewhere – could cool on supply concerns and as global lockdowns end, analysts said. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Luxury Brands Seek New Consumer Connections as End of Pandemic Remains Elusive: The M.Gemi-Peroni partnership presents an opportunity for both brands to reach consumers who may not otherwise consider making a purchase and follows a growing number of luxury brands trying to capitalize on the connection between luxury and alcohol. – Read More on PYMNTS

3. As resale booms, eBay is doubling down on refurbished and recycled products: “There has been an explosion of interest in re-commerce, refurbished and end of life products,” Lambell said during a keynote at the Financial Times’ Future of Retail event on Thursday. – Read More on Modern Retail

4. RELATED READ: Here’s the problem … A number of lawsuits demonstrate that the practice of modifying – or potentially even just refurbishing products – and then selling them without the original brand owner’s approval and/or without sufficiently communicating such changes to consumers can give rise to legal complications. – Read More on TFL

5. The Challenges of Automation in the Legacy Fashion Industry: While the fashion industry can benefit significantly from adopting 3D design and automation technologies that can help creatives design clothing in real-time and give buyers the ability to order the perfect fit, many fashion brands are still struggling with adopting technology and automation at scale. – Read More on Entrepreneur

6. Chanel Nails Sustainable Perfume Cap After Two Years, 48 Tries: The fashion house behind Chanel No. 5 spent two years developing a sustainable cap for perfume bottles with Finland’s Sulapac Oy, tossing out 47 prototypes before it was satisfied. The result: a biodegradable cap made of 91% plant-based materials with a sleek black look and satiny feel. – Read More on Bloomberg