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1. Inflation Is Seen Pushing Online Holiday Sales to $1.2 Trillion: Apparel and luxury items are expected to make a comeback as customers return to the office and social gatherings. The ability of brick-and-mortar stores to lure in shoppers will also play a role in online sales as more companies offer options such as in-store pickup for online purchases. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Cybersecurity investments set to grow as threat landscape heightens: “I think organizations are going to realize that they need to invest a relatively larger portion of their IT budgets on cybersecurity,” said Erik Suppiger, an equity research analyst covering IT infrastructure and cybersecurity at JMP Securities. “In terms of the spending cycle, I think we’re still early.” – Read More on S&P Global

3. Speaking of cybersecurity … Here are 4 Cybersecurity Strategies for Small and Midsize Businesses: Small and midsize businesses aren’t immune to cyber threats. They must research and prepare for attacks just as large enterprises would. Unfortunately, smaller companies typically have fewer resources and less talent available to help fortify against attacks. – Read More on HBR

4. Passports for products as well as people – enhancing trust through technology: Product passports are a straightforward way to verify the origin of a product and the ESG practices of the manufacturer. Not only does this allow consumers to verify where a product comes from and its sustainability but also allows regulators to confirm compliance with a raft of legal requirements relating to the product’s conformity and safety. – Read More on Finextra

5. RELATED READ: From Royalties to Resale Restrictions, What Would Tying NFTs to Luxury Goods Look Like? The ability to tie NFTs to physical objects in order to track a product’s lifecycle is also enticing from a secondary market perspective. Early NFT-adopter Arianee, for one, is aiming to aid in a more seamless resale market by way of its “NFT digital passports for luxury goods,” which go so far as to digitize service history and repairs. – Read More on TFL

6. Guess? Benefits from Sturdy Demand, E-commerce Wing: Guess? has been gaining from sales growth across most regions, as demand conditions improve across stores. Such upsides aided the company’s top-line during second-quarter fiscal 2022. The company is also gaining from growth in digital sales. Its efforts to boost brands and customers’ shopping experience are yielding.– Read More on Nasdaq