1. Fashion Firms Look to Single-Fiber Clothes as EU Recycling Regulations Loom: Currently, less than 1% of the world’s textile waste is recycled into new clothes, with the bulk ending up in trash heaps. The EU wants to change this, challenging the big players in fast-fashion that may have to retool their design processes and rethink their sourcing. – Read More on the WSJ

2. RELATED READ: European Union Proposes Sustainability Rules in Crackdown on Apparel Industry. The proposed sustainability-focused legislation coming out of the European Union puts forth new requirements for textiles, “setting mandatory minimums for the inclusion of recycled fibers in textiles,” while also banning “the destruction of unsold products under certain conditions, including unsold or returned textiles.” – Read More on TFL

3. Chinese shoppers are ditching London and Paris for home-grown brands: Pandemic restrictions and geopolitical tremors mean Chinese consumers are no longer travelling abroad for luxury goods, but Europe and Hong Kong’s losses have been the mainland’s gain, with Hainan’s duty-free sales more than quadrupling in the past 3 years. – Read More on SCMP

4. Three Ways Data Can Help Retail Power Couples Last: Dozens of merchants, including Target and Ulta, Lowe’s and Petco, Kohl’s and Sephora and Nordstrom and Allbirds, now use the “two power brands are more attractive than one” model to make them destination spots. – Read More on Forbes

5. Carbon capture ‘simply won’t work’ to meet net-zero targets, report says: An Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis report concluded that the majority of carbon capture projects have failed or underperformed, while the few successful projects have mostly contributed to the procurement of fossil fuels. – Read More on S&P Global