Image: Maje

1. Rights group files complaint against German retailers over Chinese textiles: A human rights group filed a complaint to German prosecutors on Monday alleging that several fashion retailers profited from forced labor in China’s Xinjiang region. – Read More on Reuters

2. RELATED READ: Uniqlo, Inditex, Skechers Among Companies Accused of Benefiting from Chinese Forced Labor in New Complaint. “A large number of brands and distributors in the fashion sector” – specifically, Uniqlo, Zara’s parent company Inditex, Skechers USA Inc. and French apparel group SMCP, the owner of the Sandro and Maje labels – maintain ties to suppliers in the region, and as a result, “may be involved in the forced labor imposed on the Uyghur population.” – Read More on TFL

3. PSG sign two-year deal with fashion house Dior: LVMH-owned Dior will design the club’s “official wardrobe,” ranging from dressier looks to casual items like polo shirts embellished with logo patches evoking the sports team and the fashion label. – Read More on Reuters

4. CEO hands over reins of presidency for his e-commerce empire as crackdown on tech titans drags on: Richard Liu said he is giving up more responsibility at the e-commerce giant he founded to focus on rural development. He is the latest tech entrepreneur to give up a leadership position amid Beijing’s crackdown on the sector and a call to contribute to “common prosperity.” – Read More on SCMP

5. UK e-commerce companies swoop on Amazon marketplace brands: British and European e-commerce companies are acquiring Amazon marketplace brands amid a rise of aggregator startups as online shopping continues to boom. Some $1.1bn of funding went into Europe’s aggregators on September 1, alone, with the industry drawing large funding rounds from investors. – Read More on Yahoo

6. Supply Chains Could Be The Grinch That Steals Retail’s 2021 Holiday Season: Supply chain snags and the rise of the COVID-19 delta variant will likely translate to fewer choices and higher prices in the run up to Christmas.  And it’s not just consumer goods and toys and such that are under threat, as certain types seasonal favorite foods may also be off the menu too. – Read More on PYMNTS