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1. As Mall Owner Exits Bankruptcy, No One Knows What It’s Worth: A bankruptcy court judge’s approval of Washington Prime Group plan to exit Chapter 11 bankruptcy means investment firm SVPGlobal will swap its debt holdings for ownership of the company, and stock holders will even see a recovery, despite no one knowing quite what Washington Prime is worth. – Read More on Bloomberg

2. Does The Beauty Industry Need A Czar? While corporate self-regulation pledges are nice, at the end of the day, they’re just that—a pledge. “It takes more than relying on companies to do the right thing, it takes policy,” says Konisky. “We need to make sure that the leaders, on every level of the government, are aligned with broader climate goals and actually pursue those policies.” – Read More on the Coveteur

3. Wage theft is a problem for L.A. garment workers. A California bill aims to fix it. Again. The proposed legislation – SB 62 – has split the industry, with many fashion brands and trade groups saying the bill overreaches in placing blame on them for working conditions and wage theft perpetrated largely by third-party contractors. – Read More on the LA Times

4. Next looks: Can AI technology predict the future of fashion? Fashion retailers are now relying on fashion technology to make their businesses more efficient. And just like RushOrderTees, other fashion brands are also working with AI companies to not only understand their customers better but also predict what people want to buy and wear in the future. – Read More on TechHQ

5. Growth of online luxury marketplaces continues in 2021: Online marketplaces are still on the rise with shoppers continuing to look for safer, more convenient ways to shop as the pandemic continues.  In fact, data shows that digital, third-party marketplaces are seeing an 81% increase in gross merchandise value year-over-year thus far in 2021. – Read More on Forbes