Musician x fashion designer, Pharrell Williams’ over-sized hat stole quite a bit of the show during Sunday night’s Grammy Awards (someone even created a Twitter account for it). Now, French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac has taken to his Facebook page to set the record straight (or at least what he thinks the record is) about the much talked about hat. He posted a side-by-side image (see it after the break below), which seems to suggest that the maker of Pharrell’s hat, Brit fashion legend, Vivienne Westwood was inspired by his design.

What Jean-Charles de Castelbajac (aka JC/DC) actually shows is his design, which debuted for Fall/Winter 2011 next to a similar design by Bucharest-based Kristina Dragomir, which subsequently debuted for Fall/Winter 2013, and a photo of Pharrell is his Vivienne Westwood hat dated 2014. JC/DC posted the image with the caption, “Authenticity versus Karaoké”. What the French designer is apparently missing is that Westwood’s “Mountain” hat, the style that Pharrell sported, is from the designer’s 1982-1983 Buffalo collection. Thus, while Dragomir may have copied him, they both appear to have copied Westwood, who is reportedly re-introducing the hat, which is said to be available for pre-order in two colors (black and brown) and for $180.