Following John Galliano’s now-notorious drunken outing in 2011, in which he  made anti-Semitic comments to fellow-diners in a cafe in the Marais in Paris, he was fired by Dior and John Galliano SA, where he had served as creative director. He has since filed suit against both entities breach of contract, asking for over $18 million in damages. Well, as of this past week, things are moving forward, albeit very slowly. The Paris Court of Appeals said it would rule on November 28th on a technical issue that will determine which court, the Industrial Relations Court Paris or a French commercial court,  will hear the merits of the case.

Dior’s legal team is arguing that the Industrial Relations Court Paris is not competent to examine wrongful termination lawsuit, because the designer was not an employee but a freelance contributor. Galliano’s lawyer, however, is arguing that it is inaccurate to portray Galliano as a mere subcontractor, since he was tied to Christian Dior Couture and John Galliano (the latter of which he owns 91%) by exclusivity clauses. The court’s decision on this issue will be revealed on November 28th.