Nasty Gal might ruffle some feathers at Louis Vuitton with this one. The fast fashion copycat is offering a lookalike version of creative director Nicolas Ghesquière’s Petite Malle creation (pictured below, left) – which has been all over its recent runways and the arms of street style stars as of late. Nasty Gal’s attempt comes by way of its $78 Croc on Lock Crossbody Bag (pictured below, right). While Nasty Gal certainly is not in the upper echelons of high fashion like Louis Vuitton, the famed design house likely does not want its creations being cheapened by fast fashion copyists. Sure, Nasty Gal makes some modifications (namely, removing the two front clasps and the Louis Vuitton S-Lock), but its “inspiration” is crystal clear.

Given the amount of press that has been devoted to the Petite Malle design (from runway show reviews to street style photos); the fact that the specific design has appeared in a number of Louis Vuitton’s advertising campaigns (think: Fall/Winter 2014, Spring/Summer 2015, Fall/Winter 2015, etc.); and the several seasons-long length of use of the design by Louis Vuitton, the design house certainly has a leg to stand on if it were to pursue an action based on trade dress infringement. Thoughts?