image: APC

image: APC

Jean Touitou, who founded Atelier de Production et de Creation – or what is better known as APC –  in Paris in 1987 “as an antidote to the decadence of Eighties fashion,” sat down with the Telegraph to discuss the state of the fashion industry, the business of influence, Instagram, and more. Here are a few of the most striking excerpts from the notoriously outspoken creative …

On Instagram and influencers: Instagram? There is nothing trendy there. The only things which influencers influence is mediocrity. Nobody influences me on Instagram. There is something called a trend and it’s what the major people want to sell. Like the ‘Dad’ trainer, is the new It bag so boom, everyone is on the ‘Dad’ shoe because it’s the new gold mine.

On making wearable clothing: People send more dreams than actual clothes down the catwalk but somebody’s got to do the job … A good idea is a mix a of many things but if no one can buy it really, it’s not a good idea in the end.

On fashion industry parties: For me, nightclubs and parties are an abyss of sadness, whenever I go to those fashion events I feel sad, they’re so superficial.

On trends: I’m trying so hard not to be negative. Even if I did want to pay attention to trends, where would I go? I’m not being ironic, but where?