Jeremy Scott showed his Fall/Winter 2014 collection yesterday, and considering the legal repercussions that followed from his Fall/Winter 2013 collection, I thought he may steer clear of the Jimbo Phillips-esque graphics. You may recall that following Scott’s F/W 2013 collection, the two parties became embroiled in a bitter legal battle, in which Phillips accused Scott of copying his original artwork (which is automatically subject to copyright protection in the US).

Well, the two settled the case this past September, with Scott agreeing not to “produce or distribute” the collection and to pay Phillips an undisclosed sum for what likely amounts to copyright infringement. In addition, Scott issued an apology (which you can read here). However, these legal proceedings may not have deterred Scott, as a few models hit the runway yesterday in garments bearing the “bold, eye catching graphic design, and mind numbing illustrations” that have come to be associated with Phillips work.

Scott’s designs this season seem to be a bit less infringing than in the past, and while I originally thought the argument could still be made that the graphics that adorn Scott’s F/W 2014 garments are derived from Phillips’ original works, making them infringing, I’m not so sure.

A bit more research uncovered that Scott actually did it the right way this time. Unlike last time when he recreated Phillips’ work without authorization, his Fall/Winter 2014 collection is a collaboration with 1980’s toy co., Madballs. Of the collab, Scott says:  “I am a huge fan of Madballs and super excited for the opportunity to create something wearable out of a cherished childhood icon and something seemingly so gross!” said Jeremy Scott. “The pieces I’ve created are fun and irreverent just the like spirit of the Madballs characters.”