John Galliano’s hour-long interview with Charlie Rose is here! See the clip below and catch the entire interview on Charlie Rose’s site. Read excerpts from the interview and see more clips, including Galliano’s thoughts on Alexander McQueen, acting like God, blackouts, his hateful comments and more below, and as always, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

Of the night that he made the anti-Semitic remarks that got him fired from his positions at Christian Dior and his namesake label …

Galliano: At that point in my career, I had become what is known as a blackout drinker. It’s where one can’t transfer long-term memory into short-term memory, so I have no memory of that event.

Rose: You remember none of these words?

Galliano: No.

Rose: You remember being there?

Galliano: No. I wasn’t aware that I’d been filmed. I was in a blackout. In instances like that, what I’ve since discovered, since I wanted to know too where that hate came from, I’ve discovered that when one is a blackout drinker, what happens is that it can release paranoia of such a stage that it can trigger frustrations from childhood. And due to that, it can trigger a self-defense mechanism. Now, having had quite a tough time at school and being subjected, persecuted, bullied, called all sorts of names as children do, and living a lie because I was gay and couldn’t admit to that at home… honestly there was no… I couldn’t escape.