image: @pizzaboys Instagram

image: @pizzaboys Instagram

Kendall Jenner only just launched her new Beats 1 music show on Friday, which Apple Music describes as “a monthly living room pizza party,” and she has already been threatened with a lawsuit. Thanks to the brand-new Apple Music audio show venture, which Jenner launched along with DJ Daniel Chetrit, entitled Pizza Boys, the reality star-turned-model has found herself on the receiving end of a strongly-worded cease and desist letter from Robert Karaguezian, the founder of a Los Angeles-based brand and artist collective called Pizzaboyzzz. 

According to the Law360, Karaguezian has sent Jenner a cease and desist letter, alleging that he is, in fact, the holder of the (unregistered) Pizzaboyzzz trademark, and her use of the similar Pizza Boys name not only runs afoul of his rights in the mark, it has already caused “an extraordinary number of consumers” to “suddenly come to express confusion,” i.e., consumers think that Jenner and Karaguezian’s Pizzaboyzzz are in some way connected or that Karaguezian is affiliated with the new Apple Music show.

In his letter, Karaguezian demands that Jenner’s Pizza Boys immediately re-brand with a new name and withdraw the currently pending trademark application for registration that Chetrit filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in November for use of the “Pizza Boys” mark on “clothing, namely, tee shirts, tank tops, shirts, sweatshirts, sweat pants, shorts, hats and socks.” The Pizza Boys gang “wears some fire #PizzaBoys merch that will hopefully end up for sale somewhere on the internet,” as Fashionista reported last week. 

Confirming the pending legal spat on Instagram, Karaguezian thanked “every one who has supported us and who continues to support us and stand strong with us in this very unfortunate situation” in a post on Monday. 

As for whether Jenner and Chetrit’s merch will end up on the web, that is currently up for debate. Stay tuned.