The Fashion Law Exclusive – Los Angeles-based boutique Kitson and designer Brian Lichtenberg have been slapped with a trademark lawsuit by pharmaceutical company AbbVie Inc., the owner of the Vicodan intellectual property rights. The lawsuit, which was filed in the California Central District Court in Los Angeles on Wednesday by the plaintiff’s counsel, stems from the sale of Lichtenberg’s designer drug tees, the ones that caused a fairly large controversy when they hit stores this past summer. 

Well, at least one drug company followed through on its threat to file suit. According to AbbVie’s complaint, not only do the jersey-style t-shirts misappropriate the Vicodin trademark, they are  harmful to the general public, as they promote irresponsible prescription drug use.

Also in its complaint, the drug company points out that it has invested and continues to invest significant resources “to promoting safe and responsible prescription drug use.” The pharmaceutical co. is seeking injunctive relief and  unspecified damages, which it claims will be “donated in its entirety to prescription drug abuse outreach and educational programs.” #TeamVicodan