Lady Gaga is threatening to sue a London-based ice cream company for its new flavor named, Royal Baby Gaga. The 29-year-old singer’s legal counsel sent a strongly-worded letter to ice cream company, The Licktators, citing trademark infringement in connection with the breast milk ice cream, which was launched in May to coincide with the birth of the royal baby. Gaga’s legal team alleges that the name of the flavor constitutes trademark infringement, as it will confuse consumers into thinking the singer is endorses or is connected with the ice cream or its maker’s brand.

In a recently mailed letter, lawyers representing Lady Gaga demanded that The Licktators remove all marketing and social media posts featuring the Baby Gaga ice cream by August 25 in order to avoid legal ramifications. It seems we have an impending lawsuit on our hands, as The Licktators received the letter and instead of complying with its requests, posted a copy of the “fan mail” on their various social media sites, along with the caption: “Highlights of the fan mail received from Lady Gaga’s lawyers this week. We must never mention the words ‘Baby Gaga’ again ‘wheresoever in the world’. Another storm in a D-cup.” This is certainly not the result Gaga’s legal team was hoping for.

A spokesperson for the The Licktaters told the Independent that the company plans to fight any claims filed by the singer’s counsel and “will not back down over spurious trademark claims.” Since the world “gaga” is in the Oxford English Dictionary, and is generally associated with baby sounds, the ice cream maker says the singer has no legal ground to trademark it. (Their second argument, that the word “gaga” is associated with sounds made by babies, seems to be a far more plausible argument). It would be up to a court to decide if the two trademarks, Lady Gaga and Royal Baby Gaga are substantially similar and whether they are likely to cause confusion amongst consumers. 

Nadine O’Connor, the brand’s creator, also added: “We will not be bullied into removing content from social media relating to our product and subsequent media coverage. However, we will send complimentary tubs of our ice cream to Lady Gaga for chilling out to, as a gesture of peace and goodwill.”