Les Plus Dorés, the NYC-based brand that introduced the “Dream Team” collection of tees, jerseys, sweatshirts, etc., with the names of designers (think: Slimane, McQueen, Wang, Tisci, Owens, Margiela, Philo, etc.) and a number on the back, is no longer offering the Dolce 58 and Gabbana 62 versions. According to TFL sources the brand received a cease and desist from the Italian brand’s legal counsel, as the words “Dolce” and “Gabbana” are obviously part of the brand’s federally registered trademark.

In much the same way, McQueen, Galliano, Jacobs, Simons, Weswood, Alex Wang, Margiela, and Rick Owens’ legal teams could also write similar letters, as their brand names are based on the designers’ personal names. Given Dolce and Gabbana’s absence, this implies that the remaining “players” are cool with the design. According to LPD’s founder Benjamin Fainlight, a number of the “Tisci” t-shirts and jerseys have been ordered by the Givenchy office in Paris. However, we are guessing that following Hedi Slimane and YSL’s recent antics with Colette, the brand isn’t happy about number 68.