Paris Hilton and her fragrance licensee, Parlux Fragrances, slapped International Perfume Palace Inc. with a trademark, trade dress, and patent (D518,382) infringement lawsuit this past January in a California federal court, claiming that its perfume and body wash packaging for is “identical or confusingly similar” to the Hilton’s products, and would “deceive” an “ordinary observer” into thinking that the Paris Paris design was the same as its design. Hilton and Parlux were seeking maximum damages, attorneys’ fees and other costs. Less than a year later, the parties have settled their claims, according to a California federal judge’s order Friday.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Suzanne Segal dismissed the lawsuit against Genesis International Perfume Distributors Inc. with prejudice after the parties settled and stipulated for the case’s dismissal. The settlement amount will likely remain undisclosed but considering the array of protections that Hilton and Parlux had over the design at issue (and thus, violations by Genesis), we would guess it was a pretty hefty amount, as well as an agreement by Genesis to immediately and permanently cease all sales of its Paris Paris fragrance products.