On the heels of its last study, which purported that Hermes Birkin bags make for better investments than gold or the S&P 500 (thanks to the purse’s average annual increase in value of 14.2 percent), Baghunter is at it again. This time Baghunter, “a leading online platform for buying, selling, consigning, and swapping high-end luxury handbags including Hermes, Chanel, and Dior,” has turned its attention to Chanel and its Medium Classic Flap Bag.

According to Baghunter, the Paris-based design house’s Classic Flap Bag has increased in value by upwards of 70 percent in the past five years alone, growing from $2,850 in 2010 to $4,900 at the end of last year, and thereby, allowing it to outperform in comparison to U.S. housing prices and the S&P 500. And the site suggests that this is a trend that is likely to continue (Do not forget: Baghunter is, in fact, in the business of selling Chanel Classic Flap Bags).

The report states: “The Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag has increased in value by a whopping 71.92% between 2010 and 2015, far outperforming housing prices in the United States, the S&P 500, and inflation. This trend places Chanel handbags at the forefront of any conversation about a sound investment. Of course, there are considerations to make when investing in a Chanel bag as the value relies on the bag’s condition being comparable to that of a new bag in many cases. However, vintage Chanel bags also fetch a high percentage of their value on the resale market, even with slight wear.”

Baghunter goes on to state: “The emergence of ultra-luxury marketplaces [such as Baghunter’s site and others like, The RealReal] over the last few years also plays a significant role in the potential for Chanel bags as an investment piece.

As the popularity of these marketplaces has grown, high-worth handbags have become more easily available to women from all backgrounds and walks of life. The huge interest in purchasing handbags through these marketplaces has also seen the resale value of Chanel bags skyrocket due to the simplicity of the process for investors, collectors, and handbags aficionados to buy, sell, and consign their handbags via these means.”