Playboy is suing fellow magazine, Harper’s Bazaar for copyright infringement. The lawsuit, which was filed on Friday in the Southern District of New York, comes on the heels of the British supermodel covering Playboy’s 60th anniversary issue. According to Playboy’s suit, Harper’s Bazaar not only posted a photograph of Moss dressed in its trademark Playboy bunny ears and leotard online without consent, but the publication also linked to a feature published on a separate website ( with nine copyrighted images of Moss from Playboy with the caption: “See Kate Moss’ Full Fab Playboy Spread.”

The lawsuit also alleges that Harper’s Bazaar’s parent company, “Hearst’s link to the website page cannot be justified by any suggestion that Hearst was reporting the news of Ms. Moss’s appearance in the 60th Anniversary Issue.” Further, while Playboy “welcomed the media’s reporting and discussion of its images,” Hearst “well exceeded the bounds of mere news reporting” in a flagrant bid “to attract and drive Internet visitor traffic.”

Playboy reportedly attempted to settle the matter with Hearst prior to filing the lawsuit, but while the links/images no longer appear on Harper’s Bazaar’s site, Hearst blew off Playboy’s efforts to settle. As a result, Playboy is seeking $150,000 per photograph that Harper’s Bazaar use. So, $1.5 million in total.