The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have taken steps to protect their respective brands. That’s right, Kate and Will are brands, and the royal duo have set up companies to protect these brands. Prince William’s is called APL Anglesey. Kate Middleton’s is named CE Strathearn. These new entities will reportedly handle the royals’ various trademark and brand registrations, such as the “Duke of Cambridge” and “Duchess of Cambridge” UK marks, as well as various image rights. You may recall that Middleton was at the center of a photo scandal (aka major lawsuit) just last year, involving topless vacation photos. And speaking of Duchess Kate (pictured below in Prabal Gurung), she is being hailed by Versace creative director, Donatella Versace, as the Queen of Couture. According to the Italian design house leader, who just showed her own Spring 2014 Couture collection this week, the “Kate effect” (the sales boost created for a brand once Kate has worn one of their designs) is as evident in the couture world just as it is on high street fashion. Versace says: “I call it the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge effect.” As for whether we will see Middleton in Versace anytime soon, if Donatella has anything to do with it, we will. She has spoken out quite a bit in the past about wanting to dress both Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II (of whom she said “a fashion icon”). While it seems that Versace’s body-con dresses, black leather, and metallic finishes may be a bit of a stretch for the Royal Family, we will see!