Fashion models who want to work in California will need a doctor to attest that they are of healthy weight and not suffering from an eating disorder under a proposal announced by a state lawmaker on Monday. Per Reuters, “Legislation proposed by California state Assembly member, Marc Levine, follows efforts in several countries to fight anorexia and other eating disorders among models, who are relentlessly pressured to lose weight or lose work.”

“The evidence of eating disorders in the modeling industry is alarming,” Levine, a Democrat, said in a statement on Monday. In accordance with Levine’s proposed legislation, modeling agencies will have to be licensed by the California Labor Commissioner, and could be penalized monetarily if they hire models who do not have a physician certifying that they are healthy.

The bill, if passed, directs the state’s Department of Public Health and the Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board to adopt rules for the health of fashion models that would include periodic health checkups, nutrition consultations and medical testing.