Time released its annual 100 list of the year’s “Most Influential” individuals, organized in categories, such as artists, leaders, titans, icons, and pioneers. The fashion industry was represented, as is customary, with Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele, an “artist,” and Raf Simons, an “icon,” included on this year’s list.

As usual, Time honored the individuals on its list with a short blurb, so to speak, penned by someone who knows the honoree. Actor Jared Leto, Michele’s muse and a Gucci brand ambassador (insert potential truth-in-advertising concern here due to the lack of indication in the Time article that Leto is, in fact, on the Gucci payroll), rather boldly situates the Gucci creative director among the likes of some of the fashion industry’s greatest ever, “Yves [Saint Laurent], Karl [Lagerfeld], Gianni [Versace], Giorgio [Armani], Christian [Dior], Coco [Chanel],” in his tribute to the creative director. 

Rapper A$AP Rocky, on the other hand, touched on Simons’s ability to make garments and accessories that are as timely now as they were when they were first released (more about that here).

Excerpts are below …


“Yves, Karl, Gianni, Giorgio, Christian, Coco. It’s rare that a new name can be added to such an illustrious list. But Lallo, as he is known to his closest friends, has more than earned his place. I have witnessed firsthand the amount of thought, care and passion he puts into everything he creates. It’s inspiring to behold.

People don’t just like Gucci. They desire it. And I think it’s because they have some sense that Alessandro Michele pours his heart into every single thing he does, and shares with us that ever-so-elusive and powerful ingredient—love.”


“I feel like Raf Simons is important for the culture based on the fact that he built a whole new religion around fashion. It’s to the point where kids, male and female alike, will get in full arguments over why he’s the greatest. And it’s amazing how his prior work, his archive, is more important and relevant than anything that’s out today.

When you wrap your mind around the concept that he wrote the future of fashion and design in the 1990s and early 2000s, then you’ll also understand why Raf is the greatest to ever do it.”