While it may seem that nearly every brand is adopting some iteration of the new runway-to-retail scheme, with most opting to be part of the trendy new See Now-Buy Now movement, Rick Owens has never been one to go with the flow. And so, not surprisingly, the Paris-based designer, known for his dark, twisted aesthetic and much-talked about runway shows, is holding his ground and sticking to the traditional schedule. Like it or not. 

Speaking to New York Times T Magazine’s Laura Neilson, Owens spoke about his designs, their intricacy and the fact that consumers will just have to wait to get their hands on his wares. He said: “It’s like handwriting. It’s like every piece here has a handwritten gesture that’s personal of mine, that no one else can really duplicate. I thought that was a nice thing, and it was a nice contrast to fear and to doom. It wasn’t about control, and I wasn’t thinking desperately about how I can get my clothes into stores the next day after my show. It was about how can I make something that’s intimate and personal, and people might have to wait for it.”

He elaborated, noting: “There’s room for fast fashion, and then there’s room for another fashion faction that operates differently. I’m going to firmly align myself with the latter, so these clothes won’t be ready for three months, but I think that’s okay.”