“Rihanna is the most marketable of all big-name celebrities,” according to data from NPD Group.  According to the New York-based market research firm’s new BrandLink report, Rihanna topped the list is celebrities whose endorsements prove to be a strong opportunity for brands given that her fans are 3.7 times more likely to buy her products than fans of any other celebrity – the highest rating of any celebrity.

Based on “responses from 92,000 consumer surveys, reflecting self-reported preferences for more than 1,000 celebrities and 2,500 brands across diverse categories including automotive, consumer packaged goods, beauty/fashion, financial services, restaurants, technology, and more,” NPD determined that the strength of Rihanna’s “brand endorsement” capacities put her ahead of every other celebrity, including – but not limited to – Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie, Tim McGraw, and Stephen Curry. 

“CMOs and CFOs have long asked for better data to help inform their expensive sponsorship decisions. We can now prove what has been suspected when making expensive sponsorship decisions—that celebrities are media properties in their own right, with audiences that have nuanced brand preferences”, said Barbara Zack, vice president, The NPD Group. “In the same way that every sitcom is not equally valuable to a particular brand, neither is every celebrity equally valuable to a particular brand.”