Our “Some Thoughts From” series – an aggregation of thoughts from around the web from our favorite industry insiders – is back. Up this week: Carolina Herrera. Venezuela-born, New York-based Herrera, presented her first collection in New York in 1981 with the help of then editor-in-chief of Vogue, Diana Vreeland. Hererra has since been heralded for her impeccable elegance and timeless style – both personally and for her widely-celebrated label. Here are some of her thoughts on fashion pet-peeves, finding the perfect wedding dress, the secret to aging gracefully, and more …

On style: True style money can’t buy. Style is something subtle that shows in small details. It’s not the clothes you wear; it’s the way you act, move, speak.

My fashion pet peeve is: how people dress at the airport. It’s terrible. You know, if you dress up at the airport you will actually be taken care of perfectly. You’ll be the one who the stewards look after the most.

When a bride asks for made-to-order dresses, I insist: that she come alone. If a girl comes in with her family and best friend she lets them influence her too much. It’s one of the most important days in her life. She should be able to wear what she wants.

The secret to aging gracefully is: Knowing what looks good on you at all ages. If you try to dress in a young way when you’re old, you’re going to look even older. Shorts, for example, are for young people with lovely legs.

My obsession of the moment is: Netflix. I’ve been watching “Scandal” and a British series called “Midsomer Murders.”

One downside to digital 21st-century life is: There’s no privacy. I don’t mind if someone asks me to take a picture; it’s flattering. I tell them, “The photograph, yes, but the arm around me? No, please!” It’s invasive.