As promised in last week’s post, Some Thoughts from Hedi Slimane, we are following up with a post about Raf Simons. The two took their places as creative directors at Saint Laurent and Christian Dior, respectively, at roughly the same time in 2012, which made for the most anticipated Paris Fashion Week in quite awhile. Thus, it only seems fitting to feature some thoughts from Raf this week.

On fashion: “I don’t have so many things in the fashion world that interest me. It’s probably because I am so deeply into it. There are things that I relate to more than fashion though, personal, private things. Like my environment, my family, my friends, you know.”

On his celebrity status: “It’s not that much in my interest. It’s actually something that I’ve found quite complicated for a while. I’ve always kind of tried to split it up, but that is becoming more and more difficult because I’m attracted to do things that have this constant dialogue with an audience and it seems to keep growing. But the idea of fame just for fame’s sake is something that I actually hate.”

On his first internship: “I went to Walter Van Beirendonck. I knocked on his door, and I was super scared because I had nothing to do with fashion. But he was interested. I ended up doing that with him, and he took me to Paris, and I saw my first show, which was the third show for Martin Margiela. Nothing else in fashion has had such a big impact on me. It was a show where half the audience cried, including myself.”

On his Raf Simons label: “For me, I think that the 21st century almost doesn’t allow the beauty of something really small and out of the spotlight. My own mentality is to make it small, like my own environment. I enjoy just working with my people every day. But our society doesn’t allow that. Our society wants things to grow, and our society wants things to become bigger and bigger. Everything has to be put under the spotlight.”

On being a fashion designer: “I never feel I am a fashion designer. I have even found it problematic that the world defines me as a fashion designer. To me it’s more like, Yes, it is what I do now, but it’s far from my only interest, and I could see myself doing so many other things than fashion.”