Bianca Isofache (Unsplash)

Bianca Isofache (Unsplash)

Condé Nast announced today that in the wake of two lawsuits brought by former interns, it will discontinue its internship program, which until the end of 2013 has enabled students to work at its various publications, including Vogue, Lucky, Glamour, Vanity Fair, W, The New Yorker, Teen Vogue, Allure and Womenswear Daily. Industry insiders and fashion fans alike have had some pretty strong reactions to the news. We took to Twitter to see what people are saying …

Aliza Licht, Donna Karan SVP Global Communications: I hope everyone who sued knows they ruined it for EVERYONE … I had many unpaid ones and without that experience, I wouldn’t be here today.

Amina Akhtar, Executive Editor, Jeez the internship thing is absurd. Way to ruin it for everyone who parlays them into jobs!!

Stella Bugbee, Editorial Director of @TheCut: What will all the wealthy college kids of well-connected parents do now?

Nately, GQ: No new interns.

Amelia Diamond, the Man Repeller: I have so many fond memories from my interning days at Condé. After two weeks of sufficient hazing — garment bag shlepping, Starbucks runs  — I had a come-to-Stanley Tucci moment where I realized that I could either hate my life and complain, or I could realize that I had the internship a million girls would kill for.In reality the interns will be fine — they’ll go on to fantastic things and some will most likely end up at Condé Nast one day.

Jezebel: Condé Nast gets rid of internship program, crushes ill-informed dreams

John Jannuzzi, Senior Digital Projects Editor @LuckyMagazine: Very sad. Conde Nast to discontinue internship program

Bianca Posterli, Editorial Director Shocked CondeNast ended internships based on entitled interns who sued. Without my (unpaid) internships, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Sarah Conley, Style IT: None of us had a problem slaving for free.

Nova Ren Suma, Author: Just heard the news that Condé Nast is cutting its internship program. Sadness. I was an intern there (for the New Yorker) in 1998. My internship with Condé Nast led to a part-time job, which led to full-time jobs for book publishers, which led to me publishing novels.

Amanda Mull, Managing editor at @PurseBlog: Raise your hand if you think Conde can’t afford to pay its entry level workers. I see no hands. The lawsuits were dumb and entitled and cringe-worthy but ultimately people do deserve to be paid, in money, for work.

Brianna Saperstein, PR girl: It’s so, so sad. My Conde Nast internship taught me the most about PR and the industry by far. My internship at glamourmag was so awesome and it’s a shame nobody else will be able to have that experience!