A Running List of Metaverse Marks 

In November, Nike made headlines on the heels of filing of a number of new intent-to-use applications for its most famous trademarks – including word marks “Nike,” “Just Do It,” “Jordan,” and “Air Jordan,” its iconic swoosh logo, the Jordan silhouette logo, and a stylized combination of its name and the swoosh, among others – for use on various virtual goods/services. The applications for registration foreshadowed Nike’s since-confirmed intentions to take major steps into the “metaverse” (i.e., the burgeoning combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, video, social media, and the web is still notably far from fully coming into fruition), with the Beaverton-based sportswear titan listing “downloadable virtual goods” (in Class 9), “retail store services featuring virtual goods” (Class 35), and “entertainment services, namely, providing on-line, non-downloadable virtual footwear, clothing, headwear, eyewear, bags, sports bags, backpacks, sports equipment, art, toys and accessories for use in virtual environments” (Class 41) as the primary classes of goods/services.

Nike’s filings were swiftly followed by a roll out of its partnership with Roblox, coined “Nikeland.” The same has proven to be true for sneaker marketplace StockX, for example, which announced the launch of its new “Vault NFTs,” a venture that it says will enable “customers [to] invest in NFTs tied to physical products and trade them instantly.” The launch follows closely from the Detroit-based company filing a number of metaverse and non-fungible token (“NFT”)-focused trademark applications.

While it does not seem that companies need to file new trademark applications in order to amass and exert rights in the virtual world and/or in connection with NFTs (as we previously discussed here, a company’s “existing trademark portfolio will probably cover the most predictable of their activities in the metaverse”), no shortage of companies have, nonetheless, followed in the footsteps of Nike and rushed to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (and other international offices) in order to seemingly stake their claim and hedge their bets in this developing space.

With that in mind and with the aim of providing you with a snapshot of what is happening in the “metaverse” – as well as with NFTs and other facets of web3 – on the legal front, we have compiled a list of web3-centric trademark applications that have been lodged with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by various fashion, sportswear/equipment, and cosmetics/beauty brands, retailers/marketplaces, and media outlets, as well as unaffiliated third-parties, over the past several months, and will continue to update it regularly. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of metaverse-related filings with the USPTO.

6/16/2022Gucci America, Inc.GUCCI9, 35, 36, 41, 421B97461333Fashion/Apparel
6/16/2022Gucci America, Inc.the stylized letters "GG"9, 35, 36, 41, 421B97461310Fashion/Apparel
6/16/2022Gucci America, Inc.the letters "GG" in stylized format9, 35, 36, 41, 421B97461285Fashion/Apparel
6/16/2022Gucci America, Inc.a repeating pattern of a set of stylized letters "GG" with a square design at each of the four corners of the set of letters forming an overall diamond design pattern9, 35, 411B97461267Fashion/Apparel
6/16/2022Gucci America, Inc.The stylized letters "GG"9, 35, 36, 41, 421B97461244Fashion/Apparel
6/8/2022L'OREAL SAMUGLER3, 9, 14, 18, 25, 35, 4144D97448360Cosmetics/Beauty; Fashion/Apparel
5/27/2022Mascotte Holdings, Inc.YEEZUS411B97432556Other
5/21/2022MOSCHINO S.P.A. MOSCHINO9, 35, 411B; 44D97422551Fashion/Apparel
5/21/2022AEFFE S.P.A.ALBERTA FERRETTI9, 35, 411B; 44D97422552Fashion/Apparel
5/19/2022NM Nevada Truststylized wording of BERGDORF GOODMAN351B97419944Fashion/Apparel
5/19/2022NM Nevada TrustBERGDORF GOODMAN351B97419942Fashion/Apparel
5/19/2022NM Nevada Truststylized wording of NEIMAN MARCUS351B97419941Fashion/Apparel
5/19/2022NM Nevada TrustNEIMAN MARCUS351B97419939Fashion/Apparel
5/5/2022Etro S.p.A.ETRO9, 35, 36, 38, 41, 421B; 44D97395900Fashion/Apparel
5/5/2022Michael Kors, L.L.C.MICHAEL KORS91B97392219Fashion/Apparel
5/2/2022Michael Kors, L.L.C.MICHAEL KORS351B97392242Fashion/Apparel
4/15/2022VALENTINO S.P.A.VALENTINO9, 35, 41, 421B; 44D97365869Fashion/Apparel
4/15/2022VALENTINO S.P.A.VALENTINO GARAVANI9, 35, 41, 421B; 44D97365866Fashion/Apparel
4/13/2022VALENTINO S.P.A.the letter "V" appearing within an incomplete rectangle with rounded corners9, 35, 41, 421B; 44D97365860Fashion/Apparel
3/31/2022Favorite Daughter Holdings LLCFAVORITE DAUGHTER9, 411B97341992Fashion/Apparel
3/31/2022Zippo Manufacturing Companya stylized two-dimensional representation of an open cigarette lighter with a lit flame91B97340675Other
3/31/2022UMG Recordings, Inc.an anthropomorphic ape wearing an aviator hat91B97341847Music/Entertainment
3/30/2022Tommy Hilfiger Licensing LLCa flag design element with a blue bar at the top and bottom, the center being filled with a white block on the left and red block on the right.9, 35, 41, 421B97338860Fashion/Apparel
3/30/2022River Light V, L.P. CRB, LLC (Tory Burch)an upright "T" directly below an inverted "T" all surrounded by a circle9, 35, 41, 421B97338881Fashion/Apparel
3/30/2022PRL USA Holdings, Inc.a polo player riding a horse431B97339369Fashion/Apparel
3/30/2022PRL USA Holdings, Inc.a polo player riding a horse411B97339370Fashion/Apparel
3/30/2022PRL USA Holdings, Inc.a polo player riding a horse91B97339371Fashion/Apparel
3/30/2022PRL USA Holdings, Inc.POLO431B97339372Fashion/Apparel
3/30/2022PRL USA Holdings, Inc.POLO411B97339374Fashion/Apparel
3/30/2022PRL USA Holdings, Inc.POLO91B97339377Fashion/Apparel
3/30/2022PRL USA Holdings, Inc.RALPH LAUREN431B97339380Fashion/Apparel
3/30/2022PRL USA Holdings, Inc.RALPH LAUREN411B97339382Fashion/Apparel
3/30/2022PRL USA Holdings, Inc.RALPH LAUREN91B97339383Fashion/Apparel
3/23/2022Byredo ABBYREDO9, 35, 4444D97326418Cosmetics/Beauty
3/18/2022Shinola/Detroit, LLCSHINOLA9, 35, 41, 421B97319156Watches/Jewelry
3/17/2022Levi Strauss & Co.A marker sewn into seam9, 35, 411B97317936Fashion/Apparel
3/16/2022Rothy's, Inc.ROTHY'S9, 35, 41, 421B97314897Footwear
3/16/2022Levi Strauss & Co.two horses attached to the opposite sides of a pair of trousers, and men driving the horses in opposite directions, with "Patented May 20 1873" below9, 35, 411B97316082Fashion/Apparel
3/16/2022Levi Strauss & Co.a double arcuate design9, 35, 411B97316065Fashion/Apparel
3/16/2022Yves Saint Laurent SASSAINT LAURENT9, 35, 36, 41, 4218B; 44D97315913Fashion/Apparel
3/16/2022Yves Saint Laurent SAS"YVESSAINTLAURENT" in stylized letters.9, 35, 36, 41, 4218B; 44D97315900Fashion/Apparel
3/16/2022Yves Saint Laurent SASthe stylized term "YSL" displayed vertically and with the letters overlappin9, 35, 36, 41, 4218B; 44D97315866Fashion/Apparel
3/14/2022Prive Porter LLCa three-dimensional tridecagon bracelet with a smaller tridecagon on top and centered within the smaller tridecagon is a partially complete rectangle in the center and mirrored vertical bars below the rectangle.91B5391854Luxury resale
3/14/2022Prive Porter LLCa three-dimensional trapezoid with two half oval lines and on one side of the trapezoid a partially complete rectangle in the center and mirrored vertical bars below the rectangle.91B5391854Luxury resale
3/11/2022Prive Porter LLCmirrored partially complete trapezoids with a partially complete rectangle in the center and mirrored vertical bars below the rectangle9, 351B97308114Luxury resale
3/11/2022Prive Porter LLCPRIVÉ PORTER9, 351B97308110Luxury resale
3/11/2022Saks.com LLCthe words SAKS FIFTH AVENUE in cursive fon3, 5, 9, 35, 36, 41, 42, 451B97307465Retailer/Marketplace
3/11/2022Saks.com LLCSAKS FIFTH AVENUE3, 5, 9, 35, 36, 41, 42, 451B97307459Retailer/Marketplace
3/11/2022Saks.com LLCthe word SAKS in cursive font3, 5, 9, 35, 36, 41, 42, 451B97307450Retailer/Marketplace
3/11/2022Saks.com LLCSAKS3, 5, 9, 35, 36, 41, 42, 451B97307443Retailer/Marketplace
3/11/2022Tommy Hilfiger Licensing LLCTOMMY HILFIGER9, 35, 41, 421B97306909Fashion/Apparel
3/10/2022CHROME HEARTS LLCCHROME HEARTS9, 35, 41, 421B97306256Fashion/Apparel
3/10/2022CHROME HEARTS LLCa stylized cross design9, 35, 41, 421B97306255Fashion/Apparel
3/10/2022CHROME HEARTS LLCa cross design9, 35, 41, 421B97306252Fashion/Apparel
3/10/2022CHROME HEARTS LLCthe words "CHROME HEARTS" on a scroll9, 35, 41, 421B97306247Fashion/Apparel
3/10/2022CHROME HEARTS LLCthe words "CHROME HEARTS" in a horseshoe with a stylized cross design in the middle9, 35, 41, 421B97306244Fashion/Apparel
3/10/2022CHROME HEARTS LLCthe words "CHROME HEARTS" on a stylized dagger9, 35, 41, 421B97306238Fashion/Apparel
3/10/2022CHROME HEARTS LLCa stylized cross design9, 35, 41, 421B97306229Fashion/Apparel
3/10/2022Roraj Trade LLCFENTY91B97306215Fashion/Apparel
3/10/2022Roraj Trade LLCFENTY351B97306205Fashion/Apparel
3/10/2022Roraj Trade LLCFENTY421B97306164Fashion/Apparel
3/10/2022Coach IP Holdings LLCCOACH9, 351A97305554Fashion/Apparel
3/9/2022Levi Strauss & Co.5019, 35, 411B97303975Fashion/Apparel
3/9/2022Levi Strauss & Co.LEVI'S9, 35, 411B97303954Fashion/Apparel
3/9/2022Levi Strauss & Co.a batwing design containing the Levi's word mark9, 35, 411B97304009Fashion/Apparel
3/7/2022Gianni Versace S.R.L.the head of Medusa, a character in Greek mythology9, 35, 41, 421B97298406Fashion/Apparel
3/7/2022Gianni Versace S.R.L.VERSACE9, 35, 41, 421B97298387Fashion/Apparel
3/3/2022Canada Goose Inc.two concentric circles, and in between the circles, the stylized wording "CANADA GOOSE" appears along the top, the stylized wording "ARCTIC PROGRAM" appears along the bottom, and five stylized maple leaf designs appear on the left and right sides. The inner circle is shaded and in the center appears a stylized land mass design from which 12 lines radiate out to the edge of the inner circle. A stylized compass design appears in the center of the land mass. Four stylized lake designs appear along the top and side of the land mass9, 35, 41, 421B; 44D97294088Fashion/Apparel
3/3/2022Canada Goose Inc.HUMANATURE9, 35, 41, 421B; 44D97294084Fashion/Apparel
3/3/2022Canada Goose Inc.LIVE IN THE OPEN9, 35, 41, 421B; 44D97294081Fashion/Apparel
3/3/2022Canada Goose Inc.CANADA GOOSE9, 35, 41, 421B; 44D97294092Fashion/Apparel
2/24/2022PEI Licensing, LLCPERRY ELLIS AMERICA91B97283237Fashion/Apparel
2/24/2022PEI Licensing, LLCPERRY ELLIS91B97283211Fashion/Apparel
2/23/2022Audemars Piguet Holding SAa configuration of a watch face together with a bezel having a circular inner shape and an octagonal outer shape with slightly rounded sides together with eight visible screws placed in the angles of the octagonal shape and forming an outer ring around the glass of the watch face9, 35, 411B97280893Watches/Jewelry
2/22/2022Atelier Luxury Group, LLCAMIRIVERSE9, 35, 411B97278869Fashion/Apparel
2/22/2022Atelier Luxury Group, LLCAMIRI9, 35, 411B97278864Fashion/Apparel
2/22/2022Atelier Luxury Group, LLCMETAMIRI9, 35, 411B97278855Fashion/Apparel
2/18/2022Nowhere Co., Ltd.(B)APETAVERSE9, 25, 28, 35, 4244D97274244Fashion/Apparel
2/17/2022Charlotte Tilbury TM LimitedCHARLOTTE'S MAGIC3, 5, 9, 21, 35, 36, 41, 42, 441B97271162Cosmetics/Beauty
2/17/2022Ace of Spades Holdings LLCa 3D configuration of a bottle in silver with a silver relief of a stylized oxidized spade design with black highlights with a stylized letter "A" and vine design on the neck of the bottle.9, 351B97272495Wine/Spirits
2/17/2022Ace of Spades Holdings LLCa 3D configuration of a bottle in pink with a pink relief of a stylized spade design with a stylized letter "A" and vine design on the neck of the bottle9, 351B97272480Wine/Spirits
2/17/2022HUGO BOSS Trade Mark MgmtHUGO BOSS9, 35, 41, 421B97272355Fashion/Apparel
2/17/2022Old Navy (Apparel) LLCOLD NAVY9, 35, 36, 41, 421B97271953Fashion/Apparel
2/17/2022Madewell Inc.MADEWELL9, 351B97271951Fashion/Apparel
2/17/2022Banana Republic (Apparel) LLCBANANA REPUBLIC9, 35, 36, 41, 421B97271944Fashion/Apparel
2/17/2022Athleta, Inc.ATHLETA9, 35, 36, 41, 421B97271938Fashion/Apparel
2/17/2022J. Crew International, Inc.J. CREW FACTORY9, 351B97271941Fashion/Apparel
2/17/2022J. Crew International, Inc.CREWCUTS9, 351B97271883Fashion/Apparel
2/17/2022J. Crew International, Inc.J. CREW9, 351B97271870Fashion/Apparel
2/17/2022Charlotte Tilbury TM LimitedCHARLOTTE TILBURY3, 5, 9, 21, 35, 36, 41, 42, 441B; 44D97271149Cosmetics/Beauty
2/17/2022HUGO BOSS Trade Mark MgmtBOSS9, 35, 41, 421B97269538Fashion/Apparel
2/16/2022Le Labo Holding LLCLE LABO9, 421B97270207Cosmetics/Beauty
2/10/2022Rowing Blazers Ltd.ROWING BLAZERS35, 411B97261307Fashion/Apparel
2/8/2022TOD'S S.P.A.FAY9, 35, 41, 421B; 44D97258527Fashion/Apparel
2/8/2022TOD'S S.P.A.TOD'S 9, 35, 41, 421B; 44D97258507Footwear
2/8/2022TOD'S S.P.A.HOGAN9, 35, 41, 421B; 44D97258463Footwear
2/8/2022ROGER VIVIER S.P.A.ROGER VIVIER 9, 35, 41, 421B; 44D97258407Footwear
2/8/2022Victoria's Secret Stores Brand Management, LLCthe word "PINK" in a collegiate style font9, 35, 411B97257548Fashion/Apparel
2/8/2022Victoria's Secret Stores Brand Management, LLCPINK9, 35, 411B97257485Fashion/Apparel
2/8/2022Victoria's Secret Stores Brand Management, LLCthe letters "VS" in a stylized form9, 35, 411B97257474Fashion/Apparel
2/8/2022Victoria's Secret Stores Brand Management, LLCVICTORIA'S SECRET9, 35, 411B97257455Fashion/Apparel
2/7/2022L'Oreal USA Creative, Inc.KIEHL'S3, 9, 35, 41, 421B97255989Cosmetics/Beauty
2/7/2022L'Oreal USA Creative, Inc.KIEHL'S SINCE 18513, 9, 35, 41, 421B97255985Cosmetics/Beauty
2/5/2022SRL LLCSPERRY9, 35, 411B97254492Footwear
2/5/2022SRL LLCSPERRY TOP-SIDER9, 35, 411B97254496Footwear
2/5/2022SRL LLCKEDS9, 35, 411B97254502Footwear
2/4/2022Wolverine Outdoors, Inc.MERRELL9, 35, 411B97254478Footwear
2/4/2022Wolverine Outdoors, Inc.WOLVERINE9, 35, 411B97254481Footwear
2/4/2022SRL LLCSTRIDE RITE9, 35, 411B97254484Footwear
2/4/2022Saucony IP Holdings LLCSAUCONY9, 35, 411B97254485Footwear
2/4/2022INTERBASIC HOLDING S.R.LSCHIAPARELLI9, 35, 41, 421B; 44D97253248Fashion/Apparel
2/4/2022Bulgari S.p.A.BVLGARI9, 14, 18, 35, 41, 421B97253254Watches/Jewelry
2/4/2022Bulgari S.p.A.BULGARI9, 14, 18, 35, 41, 421B97253264Watches/Jewelry
2/4/2022SR Holdings, LLCCHAMPION9, 35, 411B97252940Sportswear/Activewear
2/2/2022Fila Luxembourg S.à.r.L.the word FILA in stylized letters9, 35, 411B97249803Sportswear/Activewear
2/2/2022Esposito Intellectual EnterprisesBapesClan9, 41, 421B97250675Other
1/31/2022Komissarov, Yevgeny (Individual)BAPE9, 351A97246619OtherSpecimen: https://tsdr.uspto.gov/documentviewer?caseId=sn97246649&docId=SPE20220203075637#docIndex=1&page=1
1/31/2022Komissarov, Yevgeny (Individual)BAPES9, 351A97246649OtherSpecimen: https://tsdr.uspto.gov/documentviewer?caseId=sn97246649&docId=SPE20220203075637#docIndex=1&page=1
1/27/2022F21 IPCO, LLCFOREVER 21351A97241618Fashion/ApparelSpecimen: https://tsdr.uspto.gov/documentviewer?caseId=sn97241618&docId=SPE20220131084514#docIndex=0&page=1
1/27/2022F21 IPCO, LLCFOREVER 2191A97242059Fashion/ApparelSpecimen: https://tsdr.uspto.gov/documentviewer?caseId=sn97242059&docId=SPE20220131090458#docIndex=0&page=1
1/26/2022Audemars Piguet Holding SAAUDEMARS PIGUET9, 35, 411B97239233Watches/Jewelry
1/26/2022Esposito Intellectual EnterprisesBAPES9, 41, 421B97238968OtherThis might be an interesting one/an opposition in the making given that Nigo-founded cult streetwear brand BAPE (BAPE CO., LTD/Nowhere Co., Ltd.) announced the impending launch of 10,000 NFTs on Jan. 31.
1/25/2022Burberry Limiteda tan background, light tan vertical and horizontal lines, black vertical and horizontal lines, white squares, and red vertical and horizontal lines, forming a plaid pattern. The mark also consists of a repeating check design applied in whole or in part on or in connection with the goods or services.9, 35, 411B, 44D97237215Fashion/Apparel
1/25/2022Burberry Limiteda repeating pattern consisting of the intertwined letters 'T' and 'B.'"9, 35, 411B, 44D97237233Fashion/Apparel
1/25/2022Burberry Limitedthe intertwined letters "T" and "B"9, 35, 411B, 44D97237200Fashion/Apparel
1/25/2022Burberry LimitedBURBERRY9, 35, 411B, 44D97237178Fashion/Apparel
1/25/2022Frances Valentine, LLCFRANCES VALENTINE91B97237228Fashion/Apparel
1/25/2022Frances Valentine, LLCthe stylized words Frances Valentine351B97237211Fashion/Apparel
1/24/2022Telfar LLCthe T encircled by the letter C91B97235462Fashion/Apparel
1/24/2022Telfar LLCTELFAR91B97235468Fashion/Apparel
1/24/2022Tarte, Inc.TARTE9, 411B97234986Cosmetics/Beauty
1/24/2022Tarte, Inc.TARTE HIGH-PERFORMANCE NATURALS9, 411B97234965Cosmetics/Beauty
1/21/2022Kith Retail, LLCKITH91B97231245Fashion/Apparel
1/20/2022Advance Magazine Publishers IncPITCHFORK351B97229745Media
1/19/2022Skechers U.S.A., Inc.SKECHERS9, 35, 41, 421B97227587Footwear
1/19/2022Skechers U.S.A., Inc.a stylized letter S9, 35, 41, 421B97227738Footwear
1/19/2022Skechers U.S.A., Inc.a stylized letter S9, 35, 41, 421B97227759Footwear
1/19/2022Skechers U.S.A., Inc.a stylized letter S9, 35, 41, 421B97227784Footwear
1/16/2022Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Inc.JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS31B97222207Cosmetics/Beauty
1/16/2022Elie Tahari INDIVIDUALELIETAHARIVERSE91B97221946Fashion/Apparel
1/16/2022TBH Brand Holdings LLCTAHARIVERSE91B97221933Fashion/Apparel
1/16/2022Justice Brand Holdings LLCJUSTICEVERSE91B97221923Fashion/Apparel
1/16/2022BKST Brand Holdings LLCBROOKSTONEVERSE91B97221920Fashion/Apparel
1/16/2022BB Brand Holdings LLCBEBEVERSE91B97221916Fashion/Apparel
1/16/2022HRLY Brand Holdings LLCHURLEYVERSE91B97221912Fashion/Apparel
1/14/2022Gibson Brands, Inc.the uniquely shaped body portion of a guitar.91B97220576Music/Entertainment
1/14/2022Gibson Brands, Inc.the uniquely shaped body portion of a guitar91B97220546Music/Entertainment
1/14/2022Gibson Brands, Inc.the uniquely shaped body portion of a guitar91B97220522Music/Entertainment
1/13/2022New Balance Athletics, Inc.NEW BALANCE9, 35, 411B97217308Footwear
1/13/2022New Balance Athletics, Inc.a stylized "NB"9, 35, 411B97217577Footwear
1/13/2022New Balance Athletics, Inc.a stylized representation of the letter "N" with a contrasting border9, 35, 411B97217520Footwear
1/12/2022GAP (Apparel), LLCGAP9, 35, 36, 41, 421B97215886Fashion/Apparel
1/12/2022GAP (Apparel), LLCGAP THREADS9, 35, 36, 41, 421B, 44D97215878Fashion/Apparel
1/11/2022Amer Sports CanadaARC'TERYX9, 35, 411B97213616Sportswear/Activewear
1/11/2022Amer Sports Canadaa skeleton of a prehistoric bird9, 35, 411B97213626Sportswear/Activewear
1/11/2022Puma SEa solid curved formstrip band9, 35, 41, 421B97213615Sportswear/Activewear
1/11/2022Puma SEstylized image of a leaping cat9, 35, 41, 421B97213602Sportswear/Activewear
1/11/2022Puma SEPUMA in a stylized font9, 35, 41, 421B97213595Sportswear/Activewear
1/11/2022Crocs, Inc. CROCS9, 35, 41, 421B97212947Footwear
1/11/2022Audemars Piguet Holding SAstylized letters "AP"9, 35. 411B97212502Watches/jewelry
1/11/2022Audemars Piguet Holding SAstylized text "AUDEMARS PIGUET"9, 35. 411B97212485Watches/jewelry
1/11/2022Wilson Sporting Goods Co.WILSON9, 35. 411B97213669Sportswear/Activewear
1/11/2022Wilson Sporting Goods Co.a stylized W9, 35. 411B97213654Sportswear/Activewear
1/10/2022Vans, Inc.stylized word "VANS"9, 35, 411B97211054Footwear
1/10/2022Vans, Inc.VANS9, 35, 411B97211035Footwear
1/10/2022Aime Leon Dore Holdings LLCAIMÉ LEON DORE9, 351B97210868Fashion/Apparel
1/10/2022Aime Leon Dore Holdings LLCCAFÉ LEON DORE9, 351B97210867Fashion/Apparel
1/7/2022Moda Operandi, Inc.MODAVERSE351B97208215Retailer/Marketplace
1/7/2022Officine Panerai AGa circular watch face design that is depicted in black to show shading. The dial features over sized stylized numerals 12, 3, 6, and 9 and markers at the remaining hour positions. The stylized wording PANERAI appears below the 12 o'clock position944E97208147Watches/Jewelry
1/6/2022Virtual Brand Group, Inc.META GALA9, 35, 411B97206182Service Provider
1/6/2022L'OREAL SAL'OREAL3, 9, 35, 411B, 44D97206583Cosmetics/Beauty
1/6/2022LVDV HOLDINGS, LLCVLONE THUGS9, 35, 36, 41, 421B97205077Fashion/Apparel
1/5/2022StockX LLCa stylized letter "X"9, 35, 411B97204373Retailer/Marketplace
1/5/2022StockX LLCa stylized letter "X" in a tie-dye-like pattern of blue, teal, orange, red, green, pink, and yellow9, 35, 411B97205931Retailer/Marketplace
1/5/2022StockX LLCSTOCKX9, 35, 411B97204384Retailer/Marketplace
1/5/2022StockX LLCthe word "STOCK" followed by a stylized letter "X"9, 35, 411B97204381Retailer/Marketplace
1/5/2022StockX LLCTHE CURRENT CULTURE MARKETPLACE35, 411B97204362Retailer/Marketplace
12/30/2021Walmart Apollo, LLCsix rays symmetrically centered around a circle to resemble a spark411B97197324Retailer/Marketplace
12/30/2021Walmart Apollo, LLCsix rays symmetrically centered around a circle to resemble a spark351B97197321Retailer/Marketplace
12/30/2021Walmart Apollo, LLCsix rays symmetrically centered around a circle to resemble a spark91B97197315Retailer/Marketplace
12/30/2021Walmart Apollo, LLCWALMART411B97197310Retailer/Marketplace
12/30/2021Walmart Apollo, LLCWALMART351B97197298Retailer/Marketplace
12/30/2021Walmart Apollo, LLCWALMART91B97197296Retailer/Marketplace
12/30/2021Walmart Apollo, LLC"WALMART" in stylized font stacked vertically above the word "CONNECT" in stylized font, all to the right of a design of six rays comprised of a small dot interior connected by a line to a larger exterior dot all centered symmetrically around a circle to resemble a spark351B97197328Retailer/Marketplace
12/30/2021Walmart Apollo, LLC"WALMART" in stylized font stacked vertically above the word "CONNECT" in stylized font, all to the right of a design of six rays comprised of a small dot interior connected by a line to a larger exterior dot all centered symmetrically around a circle to resemble a spark421B97197329Retailer/Marketplace
12/30/2021Walmart Apollo, LLC"WALMART" in stylized font stacked vertically above the word "CONNECT" in stylized font, all to the right of a design of six rays comprised of a small dot interior connected by a line to a larger exterior dot all centered symmetrically around a circle to resemble a spark361B97197334Retailer/Marketplace
12/29/2021LVDV HOLDINGS, LLCVLONE9, 35, 36, 41, 421B97196180Fashion/Apparel
12/29/2021LVDV HOLDINGS, LLCstylized letter V9, 35, 36, 41, 421B97196198Fashion/Apparel
12/28/2021SA Hospitality Group, LLCSANT AMBROEUS9, 35, 361B97193489Hospitality
12/22/2021Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.SELF351B97183976Media
12/22/2021Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.SELF91B97183965Media
12/22/2021Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.ALLURE351B97183975Media
12/22/2021Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.ALLURE91B97183964Media
12/22/2021Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.BON APPETIT351B97183973Media
12/22/2021Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.BON APPETIT91B97183963Media
12/22/2021Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.WIRED351B97183972Media
12/22/2021Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.WIRED91B97183962Media
12/22/2021Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.GQ351B97183967Media
12/22/2021Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.GQ91B97183959Media
12/22/2021Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.VOGUE351B97183966Media
12/22/2021Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.VOGUE91B97183958Media
12/22/2021Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.VANITY FAIR351B97183969Media
12/22/2021Advance Magazine Publishers Inc.VANITY FAIR91B97183961Wine/Spirits
12/22/2021Ace of Spades Holdings, LLCACE OF SPADES91B97184368Wine/Spirits
12/22/2021Ace of Spades Holdings, LLCthe spade design with a stylized letter "A" and curved lines with vine-like designs91B97184261Wine/Spirits
12/22/2021Ace of Spades Holdings, LLCthe spade design with a stylized letter "A" and curved lines with vine-like designs351B97184311Wine/Spirits
12/22/2021Ace of Spades Holdings, LLCa three-dimensional configuration of a bottle in gold with a relief of a stylized spade design with a stylized letter "A" and vine design on the neck of the bottle91B97184470Wine/Spirits
12/22/2021Ace of Spades Holdings, LLCACE OF SPADES351B97184391Wine/Spirits
12/22/2021ABG-SI LLCSPORTS ILLUSTRATED91B97185147Media
12/17/2021Fashionbook.com Ltd.FASHIONBOOK9, 35, 361B97178534Media
12/16/2021SANG A. STUDIO, INC.SANG A9, 35, 411B97175857Fashion/Apparel
12/15/2021Pacific Sunwear of California, LLCPACSUN91A97173349Fashion/Apparel
12/14/2021Cult and Rain Inc.a stylized ampersand9, 251B97172502Virtual Native Brand
12/14/2021Cult and Rain Inc.the word cult, a stylized ampersand, and the word rain9, 251B97172495Virtual Native Brand
12/14/2021Cult and Rain Inc.CULT AND RAIN91B97172512Virtual Native Brand
12/10/2021Under Armour, Inc.an abstract design featuring a series of curved lines9, 35, 411B97167146Sportswear/Activewear
12/8/2021PRL USA Holdings, Inc.a polo player riding a horse35, 411A97163461Fashion/Apparel
12/8/2021PRL USA Holdings, Inc.POLO35, 411A97163432Fashion/Apparel
12/8/2021PRL USA Holdings, Inc.RALPH LAUREN35, 411A97163420Fashion/Apparel
12/8/2021L'OREAL SAL'OREAL PARIS3, 9, 35, 411B, 44D97163073Cosmetics/Beauty
12/8/2021L'OREAL SA"L'OREAL" in stylized font with "PARIS" directly below3, 9, 35, 411B, 44D97163053Cosmetics/Beauty
12/7/2021ESTEE LAUDER INC.ESTEE LAUDER 9, 421B97159546Cosmetics/Beauty
12/7/2021La Roche-Posay Laboratoire Dermatologique SALA ROCHE-POSAY3, 9, 35, 411B, 44D97159403Cosmetics/Beauty
12/3/2021Fashion Nova, LLCFASHION NOVA9, 35, 36, 411B97155870Fashion/Apparel
12/2/2021Telfar LLCthe letter "T" encircled by the letter "C"9, 35. 411B97153487Fashion/Apparel
12/2/2021Telfar LLChe letter "T" encircled by the letter "C" and the words TELFAR written to the right of the "TC" and the EST. 2005, NYC written below the letters "TC"9, 35, 411B97153475Fashion/Apparel
12/2/2021Telfar LLCTELFAR9, 35, 411B97153260Fashion/Apparel
11/24/2021Allbirds, Inc.ALLBIRDS9, 411B97142068Footwear
11/18/2021Nike, Inc.NIKELAND9, 25, 35, 41, 421B97133113Sportswear/ActivewearClass 25 here is a combination of physical apparel and "footwear and apparel incorporating near field communication (NFC) technology"
11/18/2021Nike, Inc.WHERE SPORT HAS NO RULES9, 25, 35, 41, 421B97133047Sportswear/Activewear
11/18/2021Nike, Inc.DREAM IT. MAKE IT. PLAY IT.9, 25, 35, 41, 421B97133023Sportswear/Activewear
11/18/2021Ace of Spades Holdings, LLCARMAND DE BRIGNAC351B97132284Wine/Spirits
11/18/2021Vineyard Vines, LLCVINEYARD VINES9, 35, 411B97131289Fashion/Apparel
11/18/2021Vineyard Vines, LLCa stylized design of a smiling whale9, 35, 411B97131279Fashion/Apparel
11/18/2021BR Brand Holdings LLCNANETTE LEPORE91B97132536Fashion/Apparel
11/18/2021BR Brand Holdings LLCENGLISH LAUNDRY91B97131726Fashion/Apparel
11/18/2021BR Brand Holdings LLCKENSIE91B97131701Fashion/Apparel
11/18/2021BR Brand Holdings LLCCATHERINE MALANDRINO91B97131880Fashion/Apparel
11/18/2021BR Brand Holdings LLCLIMITED TOO91B97131752Fashion/Apparel
11/17/2021BR Brand Holdings LLCTAHARI91B97130353Fashion/Apparel
11/17/2021BR Brand Holdings LLCBEBE91B97130337Fashion/Apparel
11/17/2021BKST Brand Holdings LLCBROOKSTONE91B97130320Fashion/Apparel
11/17/2021Justice Brand Holdings LLCJUSTICE91B97130305Fashion/Apparel
11/17/2021HRLY Brand Holdings LLCHURLEY91B97130266Fashion/Apparel
11/15/2021Bobbi Brown Professional Cosmetics Inc.BOBBI BROWN9, 421B97125237Cosmetics/Beauty
11/10/2021Hilton, Paris INDIVIDUALPARIS HILTON35No filing basis97118354Individual
11/10/2021Urban Outfitters Wholesale, Inc.FREE PROPLE9, 35, 411B97118166Fashion/Apparel
11/10/2021Urban Outfitters Wholesale, Inc.ANTHROPOLOGIE9, 35, 411B97118161Fashion/Apparel
11/10/2021Urban Outfitters Wholesale, Inc.URBAN OUTFITTERS9, 35, 411B97118156Fashion/Apparel
11/10/2021Urban Outfitters Wholesale, Inc.NUULY9, 35, 411B97118190Fashion/Apparel
11/9/2021Clinique Laboratories, LLCCLINIQUE9, 421A97115394Cosmetics/Beauty
11/6/2021MOHAMMED, REATH INDIVIDUALPRADA9, 35, 411B97112054Fashion/ApparelFiled by unauthorized third-party
11/6/2021HOLMES, FENESHA AMANA INDIVIDUALGUCCI9, 35, 411B97112038Fashion/ApparelFiled by unauthorized third-party
11/5/2021Staceypants, Inc.a stylized woman's face featuring large sunglasses with circular lenses appearing above lips, and hair which is in a bun91B97111568Fashion/Apparel
11/5/2021Alice + Olivia, LLCALICE + OLIVIA91B97111538Fashion/Apparel
11/4/2021RTFKT Inc.RTFKT9, 16, 18, 25, 28, 35, 40, 41, 42, 451B97108400Virtual Native BrandNon-Final Action - 5/10/22
11/3/2021Abercrombie & Fitch Trading CoHOLLISTER351B97106320Fashion/Apparel
11/3/2021Abercrombie & Fitch Trading CoHOLLISTER91B97106316Fashion/Apparel
11/3/2021Abercrombie & Fitch Trading Cothe silhouette of a stylized moose351B97106340Fashion/Apparel
11/3/2021Abercrombie & Fitch Trading Cothe silhouette of a stylized moose91B97106342Fashion/Apparel
11/3/2021Abercrombie & Fitch Trading Coa bird design silhouette351B97106349Fashion/Apparel
11/3/2021Abercrombie & Fitch Trading Coa bird design silhouette91B97106352Fashion/Apparel
11/3/2021Abercrombie & Fitch Trading CoA&F91B97106314Fashion/Apparel
11/3/2021Abercrombie & Fitch Trading CoA&F351B97106310Fashion/Apparel
11/3/2021Abercrombie & Fitch Trading CoABERCROMBIE & FITCH91B97106291Fashion/Apparel
11/3/2021Abercrombie & Fitch Trading CoABERCROMBIE & FITCH351B97106289Fashion/Apparel
11/3/2021Converse Inc.A five-pointed star is centrally disposed within the circle. The word "CONVERSE" is positioned along the inside top arc of the circle and curves over the top point of the star. The word "ALL STAR" is positioned along the inside bottom arc of the circle and curves under the bottom points of the star. The stylized words "Chuck Taylor" are disposed on either side of the star inside the circle such that the star separates the word9, 35, 411B97107382Footwear
11/3/2021Converse Inc.CONVERSE9, 35, 411B97107367Footwear
11/3/2021Converse Inc.a five-pointed star oriented to the left of a chevron design9, 35, 411B97107343Footwear
11/3/2021Madhappy, Inc.MADHAPPY91B97104940Fashion/Apparel
10/28/2021Officine Panerai AGPANERAI91B97097308Watches/Jewelry
10/28/2021Nike, Inc. a silhouette of a man with outstretched arms and legs holding a ball in one hand9, 35, 411B97096945Sportswear/Activewear
10/28/2021Nike, Inc. a design of a basketball with wings on the left and right side of the basketball with the words AIR JORDAN above the basketball9, 35, 411B97096952Sportswear/Activewear
10/28/2021Nike, Inc. JORDAN9, 35, 411B97096950Sportswear/Activewear
10/27/2021Nike, Inc. a stylized curved line design with the word NIKE directly above it9, 35, 411B97096366Sportswear/Activewear
10/27/2021Nike, Inc. JUST DO IT9, 35, 411B97096236Sportswear/Activewear
10/27/2021Nike, Inc. stylized curved line design9, 35, 411B97095944Sportswear/Activewear
10/27/2021Nike, Inc. NIKE9, 35, 411B97095855Sportswear/Activewear
8/11/2021RTFKT Inc.RTFKT91A90878302Virtual Native BrandNotice of Publication - 6/1/22
6/28/2021RTFKT Inc.KRYPTO KUSH9, 251A90799937Virtual Native BrandABANDONED - 4/27/22
6/3/2021RTFKT Inc.METAWEAR91B90751999Virtual Native BrandApproved for Pub - Principal Register - 4/15/22
6/3/2021RTFKT Inc.METAMALL35, 411B90751934Virtual Native BrandNotice of Allowance issued - Dec. 28, 2021
4/2/2021RTFKT Inc.CYBERSNEAKER9, 251B >> 1A90621088Virtual Native BrandOffice Action issued on 10/8/21- merely descriptive
3/6/2021RTFKT Inc.the stylized design of a blade91A6621476Virtual Native BrandReg. issued 1/18/22
3/6/2021RTFKT Inc.METAJACKET91A6621477Virtual Native BrandReg. issued 1/18/22
3/6/2021RTFKT Inc.RTFKT25, 351A6621478Virtual Native BrandReg. issued 1/18/22