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At TFL, we strive to provide unique and actionable insights for business and legal professionals in the fashion industry every single day. By documenting and analyzing integral legal issues in an industry-specific context, TFL can help make companies and their employees more adaptable and better prepared for the future as the fashion and retail industries continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace.

The TFL Difference

We do not just report breaking news headlines; we go a step further to identify the implications of the news and provide insightful analysis that cannot be found elsewhere. By breaking down even the most complex legal and business stories, we aim to make our articles approachable, actionable – and interesting.

Our Core Values

We aspire to make you more informed every day, and we believe the only way to achieve this mission is by adhering to the three core values that have guided TFL since it was founded in 2011.

1. Quality: Fact-checked and thoroughly researched articles that readers can trust;

2. Expertise: Curated content and proprietary analysis that is relevant, useful, and written exclusively by experts; and

3. Independence: Objective reporting that is completely free from advertiser bias and investor agendas.

Our Ethics Policy

TFL exists to serve our readers, and in doing so, we adhere to a strict ethics policy. It is not just our responsibility as a news and information company; it is a point of pride that we observe as an independent publication. We consistently strive to exceed current industry standards to ensure that our coverage is accurate, fair, and complete.

  • Gifts: We do not accept payment or gifts in return for coverage.
  • Influence: Our reporting and coverage is not influenced by advertisers, investors, or personal agendas or bias.
  • Advertising: Any advertising and sponsored content is clearly marked.
  • Infringement: We pride ourselves on our proprietary analyis, and we always give credit to our sources. Infringement of any kind is not tolerated.

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