Taylor Swift has been handed a favorable ruling by a federal court in Denver, with the 8-member jury awarding the music superstar a tiny but very meaningful $1 in damages. A single dollar was all that the “Shake It Off” singer sought from a Colorado DJ she accused of grabbing her bare bottom during a pre-concert reception. Despite the conflicting accounts put forth by the opposing sides during the trial, the jury found that radio disc jockey David Mueller had assaulted and battered Swift during a “meet-and-greet” photo opportunity ahead of one of her concerts in 2013.

The 27-year-old singer’s attorney, Douglas Baldridge, said during his closing remarks in the case that his client was asking for only $1 in damages because she had no desire to bankrupt the DJ. Instead, she wanted to send a message. The $1 damages amount speaks to the principle that “‘no means no’ and it tells every woman they will decide what will be tolerated with their body,” Baldridge said of what Swift was trying to defend.

Mueller, 55, initiated the litigation, calling the allegations false and suing Swift, her mother and her radio station liaison Frank Bell over his termination.