Long known merely for copying the original designs of their Western counterparts, fashion brands from the Far East, including, South Korea, China and Japan, are making waves all of their own, “as Asian consumers become increasingly confident in their own style and take pride in buying home-grown labels,” per Reuters. 

Considering that the Asian population is the world’s biggest consumers of high fashion garments and accessories, the time is ripe for homegrown brands at make their names, particularly as quality is increasingly no longer limited exclusively to Western luxury brands. 

Asian brands, per Reuters, “are attracting attention as they experiment with new textiles and materials, facilitated by their local manufacturing base. This growing threat from the east is likely to add misery to big luxury brands such as Prada, Kering’s Bottega Veneta, and Tod’s, already suffering from plunging sales, partly due to excessive price increases, over-exposure in certain markets such as China and mega-brand fatigue.” 

Chinese fashion brands, such as Ms Min and Comme moi, are the fastest-growing contemporary design labels sold at department store Lane Crawford, which has outlets throughout China and Hong Kong, its Chairman Andrew Keith told Reuters. Lane Crawford also sells Korean menswear brands such as Woo Young Mi and expects to start selling Korean womenswear soon.

“You sense there is a pride about seeing China develop its own creative community and seeing China emerge as a creative force,” Keith said in an interview on the fringes of the Conde Nast luxury conference in Seoul.