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1. The pandemic is a calamity for many American retailers: The pandemic will change shoppers’ habits in ways that are likely to be lasting. By the time America is open for business again, more consumers will be comfortable shopping online, for clothes as well as for food. – Read More on the Economist 

2. What is the future of fast fashion? Even before the pandemic, fast fashion was undergoing major upheaval, namely, the old guard of fast fashion had ceded ground to nimbler pure-play upstarts like Boohoo, Fashion Nova, and Missguided, which, unyoked by decades of debt, expensive real estate, and clunky supply chains, had conspired to make fast fashion cheaper and more shoppable through newfangled channels like Instagram. – Read More on R29

3. Top fashion brands found making little progress in transparency index: Max Mara, Pepe Jeans and Tom Ford are among the least transparent fashion brands when it comes to providing information about their supply chains, according to an index published on Tuesday that found little progress in the industry. – Read More on Reuters

4. RETRO READ: Here’s the thing about fashion’s “transparency” and “sustainability” indexes, they often only take into account info that brands choose to make public, leaving a lot of room for brands to skew the narrative in their favor, and game the system. – Read More on TFL

5. Social sustainability, overstock and ‘greenwashing’: How COVID-19 is changing the fashion industry. “Sustainability has dropped off the agenda for the past few weeks at the top executive level in the industry as even strong companies have had to fight for sheer existence.” – Read More on Forbes